Three Countries Where Retirees Can Live Comfortably for Under $1,500 Per Month


Social Security benefits are not exactly impressive these days, and they only stand to become less and less impressive over time. The average Social Security check is around $1,300 and the average amount a married couple pulls in on Social Security is only $2,100. That’s not exactly a lot to live on, and it’s not exactly something that’s making life any easier for those who would like to live within their means but still have a good time. What’s sad is that many retirees no longer have any pensions, no savings and no retirement benefits. Their Social Security check is the only income they have each month, and that’s not something they can really live on; unless they move out of the country. If you’re looking to retire on next to nothing, how about one of these countries?


In Pereira, it’s been said that it’s not uncommon at all for a couple to live a very comfortable lifestyle for only $1,200 per month. This includes a lovely home, dining out, fun and all your extras such as utilities and all that. The area gets a very bad reputation for being a drug warzone, but that is not what it is so much today as it was in the past.


In a relatively sizable village called Cuenca, there is plenty of life to live with nothing. The average rental price is anywhere from $250-$550, and you can eat a three course lunch at a casual restaurant for only $3. A trip to the store for all the fruits and veggies you can carry will run you about $10. You can live here on less than $1,500 per month and still have the same quality of life you might have in the states with a $75,000 income.


If you choose to live in Cusco or Arequipa, you can live comfortably on around $600 per month – doing everything you love to do and still paying expenses. If you are a couple, double that and you are living a life you didn’t even know was possible.  

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