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    How To Boost Your Social Security Payment Before You Retire

    If you are like most people, you are going to be relying on your Social Security payments when you retire. In 2014, there were over 59 million Americans who were receiving Social Security benefits and a total of $863 billion was paid out. When you retire, you are eligible to that piece of the pie. […] More

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    10 Ways To Boost Your Social Security Payout Before You Retire

    When it comes to determining the amount of money that you will get from Social Security when you retire, a few things are taken into consideration. Your earning history throughout your life is a huge deciding factor. Also, the age that you are when you apply for your benefits is also a factor. If you […] More

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    Can You Afford to Forget to Budget for These During Retirement?

    My husband and I don’t talk often about retirement. We’re saving for it and being responsible about it, but it’s not really anything we care too much about right now. For one, we’re living a good life right now and enjoying every moment of it. Secondly, we have four small kids so our retirement isn’t […] More

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    The Best 401(k) Advice You Can Get

    Investing in your 401(k) is a great idea; you know this. It’s a wonderful way to save money and hopefully retire on time and with a nice little nest egg to your name so that you can enjoy the Golden years of your life. It’s not always easy to understand, though. When it comes to […] More

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    Four Reasons Many of Us Cannot Retire When We Want To

    At the rate we are going in the world today, retirement age is going to be somewhere around 250, or when you die; whichever comes first. In fact, it’s kind of disturbing how many people just shrug and say that they’ll retire when they can rather than actually look forward to retiring at 62 when […] More

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    Answers To Your Biggest Retirement Questions

    Planning for retirement is something we all need to do a lot earlier than we probably did it. Hopefully, the financial crisis the economy went through back in 2008 will help the younger generation learn a few valuable lessons that won’t leave them broke and destitute. Fortunately, it does not appear that there is any […] More

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    How To Lower Your Mortgage Payment In Retirement

    If you take a quick look at your finances, you’re probably going to notice that your biggest expense is your mortgage. It’s certainly my biggest monthly expense. It’s your house; and it’s probably the single most expensive thing you will ever purchase (unless you have four kids like we do, and then college will probably […] More

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    Five Easy Ways to Ramp Up Retirement Savings When You Are Behind

    Ideally, you began saving for retirement when you became employed for the first time. If you did not, however, it’s no reason to panic. It turns out that most people don’t start saving for retirement right away, which puts you way behind in terms of your financial future. While it might seem hopeless to you […] More

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    The Top 20 Countries to Retire To

    Retirement is the time in which you go play golf, sip martinis at sunset and travel the world. It’s also that time in life when you do all the things you were unable to do for so long when you worked, worked, worked. Your kids are grown and out of the house, they have kids […] More

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    Should You Use Your Roth IRA Money to Buy a Home?

    Using your Roth IRA money to buy a home sounds like a spectacular idea, does it not? You can use your Roth IRA money to buy a home so that you don’t have to bother with details such as saving money, and the IRS says it’s all right. Therefore, it must be a wonderful idea. […] More

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    Should You Put Your Last Remaining Money Into Betterment?

    A new concept in online investing may give investors a new way to grow wealth. Employing software, rather than human brokers, the online service Betterment provides clients with most of the advantages that a human broker offers, without the high fees. Betterment is also able to manage a variety of accounts, from IRAs and trust […] More

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