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    20 Things To Stop Doing After The Age Of 60

    There are a lot of things to stop doing after the age of 60, and a lot of them make sense considering that age is more than a number. Telling yourself the opposite is cute, but it’s not realistic. Starting a new career Out of all the things to stop doing after the age of […] More

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    15 Purchases Seniors Regret in Retirement

    Retirement should be a golden period. Think financial stability and joyful relaxation without worrying about inflation and repayments. However, it is not uncommon for seniors to regret certain purchases in their retirement that may have sounded appealing when paying the cost. Let’s look at 15 such purchases seniors often regret in retirement. You can avoid […] More

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    Social Security Benefits: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Your Options

    Social security benefits are an essential part of many individuals’ financial planning, serving as a critical safety net for retirees, disabled persons, and their families. Established in the United States in 1935, the Social Security program has evolved significantly over the years, adapting to meet the varying needs of an aging population and a changing […] More

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    10 Ways to Put Your Pension to Work

    No one wants to hear you complain about putting your pension to work for you. Really; it’s like complaining that someone accidentally got dirt on the floor of your brand new Lamborghini because she did not wipe off the bottom of her 6-inch diamond-studded Christian Louboutin heels when you went to George Clooney’s house for […] More

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    How to Save for Retirement When You Make Under $50,000

    One of the most common misconceptions about life is that you cannot possibly save for retirement when you don’t make that much money to begin with. It’s not easy to live on a small income, but many people do it. There are those of us who cannot imagine saving for retirement and living on less […] More

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    Your 401(k) Options When You Leave Your Employer

    So many interesting financial questions have been presented to my husband and me in the past few weeks. I mentioned recently that he’s been with his current company for 15 years, working his way from the bottom to as far up the ladder of success as was possible, and now he’s been purchased by another […] More

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    Why You Shouldn’t Use Life Insurance as a Retirement Investment

    Life insurance is considered one of the most important investments one can make. However, it comes in many faces, and is categorized in two main types: term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Term life insurance, or term assurance, does not have an investment component, unlike the latter. Hence, permanent life insurance is popular as […] More

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    How To Boost Your Social Security Payment Before You Retire

    If you are like most people, you are going to be relying on your Social Security payments when you retire. In 2014, there were over 59 million Americans who were receiving Social Security benefits and a total of $863 billion was paid out. When you retire, you are eligible to that piece of the pie. […] More

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    10 Ways To Boost Your Social Security Payout Before You Retire

    When it comes to determining the amount of money that you will get from Social Security when you retire, a few things are taken into consideration. Your earning history throughout your life is a huge deciding factor. Also, the age that you are when you apply for your benefits is also a factor. If you […] More

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    Can You Afford to Forget to Budget for These During Retirement?

    My husband and I don’t talk often about retirement. We’re saving for it and being responsible about it, but it’s not really anything we care too much about right now. For one, we’re living a good life right now and enjoying every moment of it. Secondly, we have four small kids so our retirement isn’t […] More

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    The Best 401(k) Advice You Can Get

    Investing in your 401(k) is a great idea; you know this. It’s a wonderful way to save money and hopefully retire on time and with a nice little nest egg to your name so that you can enjoy the Golden years of your life. It’s not always easy to understand, though. When it comes to […] More

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    Four Reasons Many of Us Cannot Retire When We Want To

    At the rate we are going in the world today, retirement age is going to be somewhere around 250, or when you die; whichever comes first. In fact, it’s kind of disturbing how many people just shrug and say that they’ll retire when they can rather than actually look forward to retiring at 62 when […] More

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