Five Suggestions for Retirement Gift Ideas


When someone important to you retires, whether it’s a family member, friend or coworker, you probably want to honor their hard work and dedication with a little gift. It’s a lovely way to say thank you for all they’ve done and to congratulate someone on their success and the beginning of their new life of relaxation. However, most people are unsure what to give to someone about to retire. These gifts will give you an idea of what is an appropriate retirement gift.

Traditional Pocket Watch

The most traditional retirement gift is a gold pocket watch. This is something that people have been receiving for years. It’s the kind of gift typically given by an employer to his or her employee to say thanks for your years of hard work and experience.

Hobby Gifts

If your retiree loves to do something, a gift that correlates with his or her hobby is always lovely. New golf clubs, a golf membership, a cruise, an e-reader for the book lover, or anything else that makes it easier to enjoy a hobby makes a lovely gift idea for retirement.

Travel Gifts

One of the biggest perks of retirement is the ability to travel whenever you want. That means that it’s always appropriate to give retirees a new set of luggage, a lovely passport holder or anything else that will make travel more stylish, fun, and easy.

Gift Cards

There is no time when a gift card is not welcome. It’s especially nice when you choose one for a special place rather than a generic gift card. For example, a gift card for a cruise line, an airline or someone’s favorite restaurant or store is always appropriate.

Charitable Donations

Many people choose to spend a great deal of time volunteering when they retire. A gift in the form of a charitable contribution is always appreciated by those who want to retire and volunteer with a specific charity. It holds a great deal of meaning.

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