Six Things You Need to Know about Farmers Insurance


Homeowners and car insurance policies are so tedious, so boring and so completely necessary to have. However, that doesn’t make them exciting or easily understandable. When it comes to any type of insurance policy, insurers such as Farmers Insurance are perfectly well aware of the fact that most of us have no idea what type of coverage we actually need, what we’re reading and what we’re doing when we go through our insurance policies. It’s pretty common, and it’s pretty unfortunate. However, it’s life. Insurance is difficult to understand, and it almost does take a genius to go through policies and figure out what’s need and what’s not.

Farmers Insurance understands that the general public is pretty clueless when it comes to insurance. For that reason, the company offers insurance information to consumers that might make the shopping for a policy a bit easier. Here you will find a list of things you probably had no idea your homeowners or car insurance actually covers. It’s not true of every single policy, but it’s true of many policies and it’s worth checking with your Farmers Insurance agent to see if you are covered by these policies.

An Attorney

Most insurance policies – both home and car – provide you with an attorney if you are involved in a lawsuit that derives from an injury or accident in which you were involved either at home or in your car. Did you know that? There is a very good chance that if you cause an accident or someone is injured in your home that they might try and sue you for damages, particularly if they have medical bills as a result of whatever occurred. If this happens, your insurance company would like for you to be covered, which is why their policies provide legal help so that your case is handled correctly.

Drunk People

If you host a party and your friends get too drunk and get into trouble on the way home, you could be held responsible. This means that anyone they hurt or anything that they do could result in a lawsuit that names you as the person to blame for providing both alcohol and a place to drink to these people. You could really be sued. If this happens, you are covered by your insurance so that you can retain an attorney and afford the fees that are associated with something of this nature. It’s not something that happens all that often, but it has been known to happen and it can be a big deal if you’re not covered.

Lost Luggage

Few things in life ruin a trip as quickly as lost or stolen luggage, and it’s just a bit of a relief to realize that many homeowners insurance policies actually offer you a bit of protection when it comes to your homeowners insurance. Did you know that you could be reimbursed for the cost of your stolen luggage by your insurance policy? It’s considered your personal belongings, and you have off-site coverage for certain things as listed in your homeowners insurance policies. You should check on this to see if your lost or stolen luggage might be covered in case it’s lost or stolen when you’re traveling or away from home.

Rental Car

Did you know that most car insurance policies, including those offered by Farmers Insurance, offer a free rental car when you are involved in an accident or when your car is out of commission? You’ll have to claim the accident on your insurance, even if you’re not at fault, and pay your deductible if the other driver’s insurance or lack of insurance does not cover this cost for you, but you’re entitled. There is no reason you should have to pay for a rental car that you need when your car is out of commission. Rental car coverage is standard on most car insurance policies, and it’s one of the biggest benefits that most drivers are completely unaware they have.

Weather Issues

If you live somewhere in which the weather is just awful and causes damage to homes on a regular basis, this is something you might already know about. If you don’t live somewhere in which the weather is questionable, however, you might not be aware that your homeowners insurance policy will cover damage to your home. Just know that not all weather instances are covered, and that if you live somewhere in which there are certain weather issues that cause frequent damage to homes, you should check your policy to learn exactly what is covered so that you can protect your home.

For instance, are you aware of the fact that if lightning strikes your home, you’re going to be able to claim that on your homeowners insurance policy by paying your deductible and having your home repaired? This is true even if the items struck by lightning is your air conditioner, which sits outside. Most weather issues are covered on these policies. However, not all of them are. Sometimes flooding is a tricky business, and most insurance companies do not offer coverage for items such as mudslides and earthquake damage, so it always pays to review your policy to see what you are covered with and what you are not.

Falling Objects

This might make you laugh just a little, but it shouldn’t because it very unfortunately does happen. Some homes are occasionally struck by things that seemingly fall right out of the sky. Did you know that your Farmers Insurance plan is going to cover the damage to your home if an airplane, for example, were to crash into the house? Obviously, if a plane hits your home when you re home, you have bigger issues than the damage to your home to worry about, but you should rest assured knowing that if a satellite, luggage from a plane, a plane or any other object just falls right out of the sky and onto your home, you’re covered for the damages that are incurred during this unfortunate incident.

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