Do You Really Need Flood Insurance?


Figuring out anything that has to do with insurance of any nature is such a drag. No one likes insurance until it pulls through for them in their time of need, but in the meantime it’s just an expensive pain. How are we supposed to know what type of coverage we need when we can barely understand the information we’ve been given? It’s such a confusing time to choose insurance and to trust an agent that they’re providing us with the correct information.

However, we do need insurance; all kinds of insurance. Flood insurance, too, even if you don’t think that it’s something that applies to you. This type of insurance is very important because floods can happen anywhere at any time, even if you live nowhere near water – which is actually a very common misconception people have that no water means no flooding. We have broken it down for you and provided you with the facts on flood insurance, and why you need it. In addition, if you run into any issues with your insurance policy properly paying for damages, you may consult professional LMR Public Adjusters: Lousiana to discuss settlement options and for some assistance in making sure you are justly compensated.

I Don’t Live Near Water

We don’t care if you live on the 75th floor of an apartment building in the middle of the desert and there’s no body of water for a thousand miles and it only rains 2 inches on a wet year. If you have pipes or people above you, it might flood. It doesn’t have to be natural disaster flooding that does water damage to your home – it could be a leaky faucet, a tub left on accidentally for hours or a pipe that busts in the wall. If you have water in your home, get flood insurance.

I’m Not in a Flood Zone

Most people aren’t required to carry flood insurance if they live somewhere outside of a flood zone, but it’s recommended that they do. According to experts in the insurance industry, the average claim for a flood incident for a 1000 square foot home is approximately $38,000. Do you want that coverage or not? I think that it’s worth it no matter where you live.

My Mortgage Doesn’t Require This Kind of Insurance

Okay, but what happens if your house floods? You can call for a flood cleaning service to help you. But what about the need to replace all your walls and all your furniture and all your appliances and everything else you own, like your floors? Then what? Do you have tens of thousands of dollars lying around you can use to pay for this type of repair and replacement? No? Then you should get this insurance.

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