Pronto Insurance is Affordable and Short-Term for Texans


What is Pronto Insurance? You see the name, you hear the name, but do you know what the company is all about? Many people outside of Texas have no idea what Pronto Insurance is all about as it’s an auto and homeowners insurance company based in the southern portion of the state. This is a company that, for decades, has been offering comprehensive automobile and homeowners insurance policies to Texas residents, and even policies that cover those in Mexico. The point of the company is to provide insurance to those who need it in case catastrophic damage occurs and you need a way to help pay for damages that are caused by a natural disaster or automobile accident – your fault or someone else’s. With that said, many wonder exactly why they should go with a smaller insurance company rather than a nationally known company with a big reputation and big claims centers. The answer is simple; hometown service and agents you know and trust. We have a few more reasons Pronto Insurance believes you should insure your home and automobile with their company.

Agents are Close to You

The primary purpose that Pronto agents want you to deal with them is the fact that they are your neighbors. They live in your neighborhood and they know you. They are locals that run small businesses and believe that small business support is paramount to the success of small areas.

File Claims Online

As a small company, it is easy to file claims online so that you don’t have to spend time on the phone answering the same questions over and over, repeating yourself to an agent and feeling annoyed as you wait on someone else. Online claims filing makes your life so much simpler and so much more productive.

Easy, Convenient Policies

If you’re shopping for insurance on a budget, you will love the knowledge that Pronto has offered many policies to their customers that are affordable and short. If you need insurance for just one month, 3 or 6 months, you will find it here.

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