Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance?


Many people choose to buy a motorcycle and enjoy the freedoms they feel when driving it around. It’s the wind in your face, the open air and the sun beating down on you. It’s the freedom of driving something that does not confine you. At least, I think it is; I have no desire to ride a motorcycle in my life. However, what some people don’t realize is that motorcycles are considered vehicles. It might surprise you to know how many millions of motorcycle drivers are driving around uninsured because they don’t feel that their bike is actually a vehicle. This is a huge problem when bikers are involved in accidents or their bikes are stolen. If they get involved in an accident, they need an insurance policy, as well as the assistance of a motorcycle accident lawyer to defend their rights. Without insurance, they have no protection. That’s why it’s imperative that all bikers get insurance – and the right kind, too. Here are a few tips you should know about motorcycle insurance.

It’s Not a Car

Your motorcycle is a vehicle, but it is not a car. It’s not automatically covered under your vehicle insurance policy unless you call and add the vehicle to your policy. It is a separate vehicle on its own, so your rates will increase, and your premium will go up. And there are a number of factors that will make that rate go up even more, such as the kind of bike and the number of people riding it, so it’s wiser to ask different companies for a motorcycle insurance quote and compare them.

Helmet Laws

Your state’s helmet law does have a bearing on your insurance rates. Not all states are on the same page here. Some require helmets no matter what, and other states have more lax laws requiring the use of helmets on bikes. You are going to want to know what the law is where you live so that you can adequately purchase a helmet, stay safe and reduce the chances of an injury your insurance will need to cover.

How Not Having Insurance Affects You

While the laws are different in every state, not having insurance for your motorcycle could actually result in the suspension of your license in many states. And that’s not all; there are several different factors and penalties you could face if you choose not to cover yourself and your bike no matter where you live.

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