Five of the Funniest State Farm Insurance Commercials Ever

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Commercials; the only time most of us watch those anymore is Super Bowl Sunday. I mean, let’s be real; we all have TiVo and DVR and Netflix, so commercials are a thing of the past. But if you have to stop and try to recall a television commercial you’ve recently encountered, it’s going to be the Jake from State Farm commercial. Come on; you know it is. It’s the funniest, most hilarious commercial we’ve seen in a long time, and we cannot get enough of it. In fact, I use the line so often when someone calls me or when I pick up someone else’s phone just so that I can do this. “Who is this,” “Jake…from State Farm,” and then we laugh and laugh and laugh. It’s funny. So that got me thinking, I use State Farm and have for more than 14 years. But that’s not because of their commercials; or is it? They’re funny – and I’m a sucker for humor. If you can make me laugh, I love you. And I’m not impartial to telling businesses the same thing. Let’s take a look back at the five funniest State Farm commercials in recent history so you can realize you do agree with my sentiments.

Jake from State Farm

When a wife catches her husband on the phone in the middle of the  night she snatches it away from him and demands, “Who is this?” “It’s Jake…from State Farm,” “What are you wearing, Jake from State Farm,” the wife asks with attitude, “Uh…khakis?” Jake responds. The wife then covers the mouthpiece and hisses to her husband, “She sounds hideous!” to which the husband looks at her with his eyebrows raised, shrugs and replies, “Well, she’s a guy, so….” Before trailing off. Gets us every time.

I Didn’t Do It

When a man standing over a body holding a bloody knife calls for his State Farm agent, she shows up, he hands over the knife and she loses it. It’s funny in a sick and demented and fairly twisted manner; it’s why we kind of love it.

I am Never

It’s funny, but it’s certainly sweet. It kind of reminds me of the many conversations that my husband and I have. And that includes the one time we found out at 18 weeks that the baby number 3 we’d successfully tried for was actually babies 3 and 4 and we swore we’d never drive a minivan. We still don’t, but we did test drive one and we really considered it. Thank goodness for the full size SUV.

Elvis is in the Building

Or maybe the correct term would be that the State Farm agent is in the building. Either way, we like their enthusiasm and their desire to out-Elvis one another to hang with their insurance agents.

With a New Boyfriend

She’s a little nagging, he’s into something she isn’t, and they’re both a little more concerned with one another than the damage to their car, but it’s funny so we are good to go.

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