Can Progressive Home Insurance Save you Money?


Flo from Progressive claims she can save you a lot of money, and you see her all the time on television, so she must be telling the truth, right? Well, we don’t know. Sure, she can save you a lot of money, but only sometimes. Progressive home insurance can save millions of Americans significantly on their insurance, but it’s not a miracle worker for all homeowners. Progressive can save some people money on their home insurance, but it’s not a guarantee. The only way to find out for certain is to apply for a quote and then provide your information to an agent so that you can see precisely whether or not your home insurance will drop to reflect lower rates and a lower premium. If you’re going to apply for new homeowners insurance, however, let us tell you what you need to fill out an online quote with Progressive.


The first thing that your quote requires is your address. This is something that the insurance company needs so that they can input your area. This information is required because crime rates, neighborhoods and other information personal to your exact location are used to determine rates.

Personal Information

Your name and other personal information are required because an insurance company cannot give you a rate without this information. They need to know who you are, where you are and as much personal information as possible. There are many aspects that go into applying for insurance, and that’s just the way the game is played.


Your insurance adjuster might ask you if you have an alarm system, if you live in a gated community and the size of your home. These things matter when it comes to issuing insurance quotes that are on target and as accurate as possible.

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