10 Farmer’s Insurance Horror Stories That’ll Make You Think Twice


Farmers Insurance has a reputation for being a company that many people are unhappy with as far as service and claims are concerned. The point many customers make is that they are not getting what they pay for and what they need when damage occurs. They’re dissatisfied with the service, but the truth is that most people are completely unaware of this until it’s just too late. How can you be in the know about your insurance claims when you have never had any damage occur that needed repair and you’ve never had to file a claim? If you’ve considered Farmers Insurance or you have policies with this company already, you might want to hear what former customers of this insurance company have to say about their service and their experience with Farmers. Their horror stories might upset you, worry you and change you to the point that you cannot handle dealing with Farmers in the future. The worst part about these horror stories is that they are from numerous customers, and many of the issues are strikingly similar in nature. It shows that the company has an issue making their end of the bargain work out, and many people have decided that this insurance company is one with which they will no longer do business again. And after reading these stories, we cannot blame you.

Continued Transactions

There are many complaints and horror stories from customers who have been so dissatisfied with the company that they canceled their policies and moved on to another insurance company. The issue is that even though they haven’t had a policy with Farmers in months, they’re still having their monthly fee deducted from their bank account and they have a lot of issues receiving refunds and the company will not do anything about it.

Drunk Driving Issues

One customer’s vehicle was hit by a drunk driver and totaled, and Farmer’s offered him $600 for the car. The car was a newer car without any major issues and it was worth far more. But because the insurance company made it difficult for this family, they’ve been forced to hire an attorney and make things happen in that manner.

No Housing

When a family’s home was severely damaged, their insurance policy with Farmers was supposed to provide them with the funds to pay for temporary housing, but the company refused to do it. They stated for months that they needed this paperwork and that paperwork and that they couldn’t do it until XY and Z and essentially this family never got money to pay for housing they could not afford while continuing to make their mortgage payments, and now they are unable to afford their home.

Water Damage and Nothing

When one policy holder experienced damaged to her home from a snow storm in an area that is not  normally prone to snow, her policy did not cover her water damage. The company told her that they would not give her money for a new roof or damage within her home, even though she clearly has a policy that states she’s eligible for these things. The company fought her so much she ended up giving up.

Low Balling Policy Holders

Imagine your home being hit by a bad storm and expecting the insurance you pay for to cover the cost of damages and then being offered a check for less than the deductible you already paid. It’s a situation that happens to many people who choose to carry policies with Farmers Insurance, which is why so many people choose to forgo their policies and move on.

No Customer Service

One of the biggest complaints people have about this company is the fact that customer service is practically nonexistent. They complain that they call to file claims and receive no calls. They complaint that they call repeatedly to file claims and no one returns their calls; some people state it takes them weeks to make a claim because the agents are not getting back to them.

No Pay Outs

When you file a claim for something your insurance covers, things are handled and then suddenly the company decides you are not worth anything to them despite the fact that your claims are valid, it’s a problem. There are thousands of Farmers Insurance customers left penniless after filing claims that were later denied for reasons that are not true and completely fabricated by the company.

Insurance Cancellations

When you have insurance and then you make a claim but the company tells you that you were cancelled months ago without any notification, it’s an issue. That’s what happens at Farmers on a regular basis according to many of their customers. The company will continue cashing payment checks for months and then claim they cancelled the policy for various reasons months before when a customer files an expensive claim.


Several customers have learned over the past few years that they’ve been over-charged for their policies for years. Some of them have over-paid thousands of dollars in payments by Farmers and have not been able to receive a refund from the company because of it, despite their proof that overpayments were made for many months. It’s a frustrating scenario for these customers, and it’s one in which they have to deal with on their own. It leaves customers unhappy, upset, broke and in need of a new insurance company.

Removal and Ignoring

Farmers Insurance customers have a big complaint that people will come to their home and tell them that they have to have this, that and the other taken care of or their insurance policy will be cancelled. After having everything taken care of within the time frame, they report their policy was cancelled anyway and they were forced to either pay a new fee to have a new policy issued or they were denied a new policy because the company refused to send another adjusted to the house to see that the issues they requested were handled.

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