Tips to Cut the Cost of Wi-Fi When you are Traveling

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When you are traveling around the world, it can get quite expensive with extra fees you hadn’t planned for. Smart, seasoned travelers usually allot for meals, transportation, lodging, sight-seeing, and entertainment fees, setting aside money for those major expenses. They probably even have a set budget for souvenirs – I would! However, when you think of the Internet time used to upload photos to Facebook, time spent checking email and such, you tend to forget that they all add up using your Wi-Fi, which most of the time isn’t a given anymore.

Here are some kits to cut the cost of wi-fi, especially when you are traveling:

– Find establishments with free Wi-Fi. Not all places you will visit make you pay for Wi-Fi and you just might get away with free Wi-Fi on the duration of your trip if you’re lucky and know where to look.

– Turn off “Roaming” – Turn off your data roaming and keep it off until your very last day of vacation. This will not only most likely please your travel companion but at the same time, it will also keep you disconnected from people, leaving you to a nice, uninterrupted vacation.

– Get apps like Viber, the texting app – Most of us use our phones to connect with family, friends, etc. Download some apps, including Viber, that allow you to live the good life without breaking your bank.

– Buy an International Data Package  – These are often “add-ons.”

– Be aware of data that has been used

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