Shopping at Whole Foods Without Breaking the Bank

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It’s no secret that shopping for groceries at Whole Foods is not a cheap feat – after all, some people jokingly call it “Whole Paycheck” in reference to the high prices of the store. Shopping at Whole Foods doesn’t mean breaking the bank; in fact, it is very possible to shop there on a budget. The key is to know where you can save money in every nook and cranny while you’re there – and from there you’ll know how to navigate.

Here are five great tips for shopping at Whole Foods:

1. When you can, purchase 365 (Everyday Value), Whole Foods’ own private generic label brand. Many of the important stuff is often  a high-quality offering.

2. Subscribe to the Whole Foods sales listings in your area and your specific stores. There are some things in there that are important, like he was attempting in helping you to go for the cheapest price.

3. Visit the bins. The bulk bins are where to look at when you want the healthiest and cheapest foods. Not only is it a great way to save money, it’s also a great way to put into action being more eco-friendly.

4. Clip coupons. This is so popular now that there are TV channels that specializes in clipping coupons. Check out The Whole Deal, the shopping guide that was specifically written by and for Whole Foods. The website and in=store paper outlet are chock-full of coupons.

5. Bring your bags. One of the hardest things to remember is remembering to bring your grocery bags to the store. Here in the city of Los Angeles, they stopped giving out grocery bags and it is encouraged for shoppers to use their own cloth bags. Each bag you purchase from the cashier is about 10 cents a bag – while it doesn’t sound like a lot yet, it tends to add up especially over time.

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