How to Save Money By Using Whole Foods Catering


It’s no secret that Whole Foods is a bit on the expensive side of the grocery spectrum – after all, it is known as its other name, Whole Paycheck, which takes a dig at just how much you’ll be spending on food there. The thing is, it’s not exaggerating either; it really is one pricey joint! The quality grocery store is one of the best (if not the best) in health foods as well as  organic items, like fruits, vegetables and even meats. There are ways to save at the expensive store, including using Whole Foods Catering. If you have a large family or many people to feed at one time, you can go the official catering route or buy things on your own and do a special Whole Foods catering for cheaper.

Here are some tips on saving money by using Whole Foods Catering:

Look for deals and coupons online. Whole Foods actually has a section on their website for coupons that you can print out before you go. Every little bit counts!

Check out their ready-made food. If you’re looking for something to eat for that day, stop by the ready made food. Most of them are pretty reasonable in prices and  are oh-so-delicious! Instead of spending what you’ll be cooking, you can enjoy the bliss of not doing work like cleaning up or the actual cooking.

For a large party, order more smaller meals for more variety and cheaper prices. That way, people will have a variety of things to eat – instead of a huge cheese platter, you can get the smaller cheese platter and the fruit platter for the price of a large cheese platter. It ends up being cheaper too because you aren’t adding more bulk to it and not knowing if it will be finished.

Hit the bar… salad bar, that is. If you only need a small amount of veggies and fruits, go to the salad bar and stock up on smaller portions. It’s also a cheaper and faster short cut to grab ingredients for pizza toppings and stir fries.

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