How to Save Money at the Gas Station

Rising Gasoline Prices Push Consumer Prices Higher In February

Let’s face it: gas stations these days are places we are never really proud of frequenting, especially with the record-high prices in some parts of the country. It seems that the price of gas is going nowhere but up, which seems to be such a disturbing fact. The act of going to the gas station is a pretty bold move as it means parting with your hard-earned money. While it doesn’t seem to show signs of stopping, there are some well-known secrets that will be saving you a pretty penny at the punp.

Here are some tips on how to save money at the gas station:

– Learn to find the cheap gas. There are many deals in your hometown that you probably have passed day in and day out. Hone in on them and you can even end up with pizza!

– Use gas station credit cards. It’s annoying for the people saying, “Would you like to sign up for a credit card?” If you’re jusing it now, make sure to pay it off.

– Look for local deals. There’s a reason why there are reality shows about people who love couponing: coupons rule! With the high prices of nearly everything today, coupons give you a nice little break on paying full price for something. Even if it’s not a lot, it may seem like it depending on what the deals are for.

– Pay in cash. Often, gas station will have two sets of prices advertised: one is the cash price, which is usually a few cents lower, and one is the credit card price, which is often the “normal” and non-discounted price. When you can, pay in cash. Not only will it save you some money, it can prevent you from getting your identity or card stolen.

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