Hilton is Planning on Offering You Up to 30% Off Cyber Monday Bookings

Hilton Cyber Monday Bookings

Now that Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is up on us, people are starting to look into which airlines, hotels and other travel companies are offering the best Cyber Monday Bookings. After all, it is the busiest shopping weekend of the year and people have some serious traveling to do to make sure they get home for the holidays. Thanksgiving is only three weeks away, which means it is now time to start focusing on that turkey, getting through dinner with the extended family without saying everything that’s on your mind when it comes to your mind and planning your shopping the next day and the entire weekend. It’s really feeling like the holidays now, right (not for us here in Florida where it’s currently 50 days before Christmas and at this precise moment in time it is 96 degrees outside my home)?

Holiday shopping is not always fun. The list is long, the prices are steep and there’s so much to consider and that’s before you consider the fact that you are not just buying gifts, but also travel. By the time the holiday season is over, you’re going to need to get out and about and make it a point to escape from the holiday happenings and stress in your life, and that means this particular Cyber Monday booking is going to make you quite happy. While we do tend to focus more on material items during the holiday season, it’s always a great idea to consider travel instead. After all, we like to think that travel really does make us richer; it provides us with more experience, it cannot be broken or forgotten or replaced with something newer or cooler before the New Year arrives, and it is something we can give as a gift to make memories and spend quality time with the ones we love the most. If that does not make for a great Christmas gift, nothing else does.

Hilton is offering a steep discount on their Cyber Monday bookings. Beginning on Monday, November 30 and lasting approximately 72 hours, Hilton is offering all travelers a 30% discount on their rooms when they book their hotels. The rule is that all travelers must stay at least two nights (consecutive nights), both nights must fall between a Thursday and a Sunday and travel must occur between December 20 and February 29. Additionally, you are not going to be able to go anywhere you want; only Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America and United States Hilton properties are offering this Cyber Monday booking deal.

How to Make the Most of Hilton’s Cyber Monday Bookings

Now that you know you can save a lot of money booking your trip to a Hilton hotel during the Cyber Monday sale, you’re going to want to know how to really take advantage of the deal. The best way to do this is to book with your Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card to take advantage of the possible earnings and all that this deal has to offer. The card is offering some serious deals for new cardholders, making it the perfect time to apply for this card before Cyber Monday bookings are made.

  • Earn two free weekend nights when you spend $2,500 in the first four months you have this card, which is going to be a breeze with the holidays upon us and your booking of two nights (minimum) on this Cyber Monday bookings deal. Now you’re saving significantly on two nights when you book on Cyber Monday and getting two more free nights when you spend this in four months (an average of $625 per month to spend)
  • Earn 10 reward points for every dollar you spend at a Hilton property at any time
  • Earn 5 reward points on all car rentals and airline tickets
  • Earn 3 reward points for every dollar spent on all other purchases
  • Earn one free night every year on the anniversary of your account opening when you spend at least $10,000 per year on your card
  • Become an instant Hilton HHonors Gold Status member by becoming a cardholder
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • CHIP-technology enabled
  • Annual fee is only $95

Using this card when making your Cyber Monday bookings is going to earn you free nights, free points and even more points to use toward more free nights and upgrades at any Hilton Hotel in the world.

Additionally, it does make sense to choose Hilton’s 30% Cyber Monday bookings discount when you book only specific hotels. Some are already so affordable it might seem like a bit of a waste, so we’d like to recommend that you take up this offer and use it to book the more expensive Hilton hotel properties in the offer for the best savings. Some Hilton Hotel properties are exceptionally more expensive than others, and we’d like to make sure you know which ones you will save the most on booking with this amazing Cyber Monday deal.

  • Grand Wailea Resort in Hawaii
  • Waldorf Astoria Park Avenue in New York City
  • Waldorf Astoria in Park City, Utah

Each of these hotels, along with plenty of others, tend to cost more to travel to during the time of year that you have to use your Cyber Monday bookings for Hilton, so it makes sense to book your rooms in these hotels. Of course, anyone who has to travel to a very specific city is going to find that they have fewer options unless they are traveling to one of these cities. This might be an option that only works for those who are planning on using these Cyber Monday bookings deals to book their next vacation instead of a trip home during the holidays. Good luck and remember; it’s always a good idea to give the gift of travel during the holidays, especially when you use these Cyber Monday bookings deals to book travel that will save you a fortune.

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