Five Luxury Items to Replace with Cheaper Ones

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Just because an item is more expensive than another, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a better quality. After all, is a designer purse really all that more durable than a no-name purse made of the same material? While some expensive things are worth pining for (I still dream of flying first class internationally!), some things are really just luxury items and as a savvy shopper, you can cut costs by cutting them off. After all, a lot of the cheaper items are just as good – and maybe even better – than their indulgent counterparts.

Here are five luxury items to replace with cheaper ones:

1. New Luxury Car

As much as we love brand new cars, it’s just a straight fact that used cars are a better deal – after all, you get more for your money when it comes to buying a used car. When it comes to buying a luxury car, getting it used is a great way to get fancy without terribly breaking the bank.

2. Keurig

Instead of this pricey coffee maker (which will set you back $100 to $280, depending on the size), you might want to get a Mr. Coffee Single Serve Maker. Essentially the same thing, it starts at only $59 and pretty much does exactly what a Keurig does.

3. High-End Hotel

With so many options today, you are definitely wasting precious dollars by checking into a high end hotel. Instead, check out and stretch out those  vacation dollars.

4. Vitamax

Because of its ability to turn fruits and veggies into a great tasting smoothie, Vitamix is a very popular brand of appliance. But with its steep price tag of $500, many have decided to steer clear of the crazy expensive blender. The Ninja Blender pretty much does the same thing a Vitamix can do, except its price tag ranges from $89 to $199.

5. Huge Mansion

Unless you’re planning to hole up in your house 24/7, you’re better off living a bit more humbly than to have more space that you can handle. There are so many reasons to trade in your mansion for a smaller house – for starters, lower expenses.

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