Five of the “Laziest” Ways to Save Money

Driving And Using A Cell Phone

Food, clothing, shelter, education, entertainment – with everything that we have to pay for, we sure have to spend a lot! With families to feed, clothe, keep a roof over their heads, put through school and occasionally indulge in the fun stuff in life, it’s a lot of budgeting for those with families. On top of all that, you also want to save money for a rainy day, and just in case! How is a lady to do all that?! Luckily, there are some ways you can shave off dollars here and there in order to save money – after all, they tend to add up!

Here are five of the laziest ways to save money:

1. Say goodbye to cable TV. With many of us watching TV shows online now (thanks to Hulu and Netflix) there’s no real reason to still be a cable subscriber, right? By ditching the cable, you are looking at saving over $80 a month!

2. Use cash back. Many stores (including Target) allow shoppers to get cash back when using a debit card. Not only do you save yourself an extra trip to the bank (gas money is climbing these days!), it also saves you an extra $2 to $4 withdrawal charge at the ATM!

3. Sell your gift cards. Most of us have received gift cards at one point or another for our birthday or Christmas. Often, they are found lying on the floor or barely used, if at all. Make some cash by selling them!

4. Borrow things instead of buy. Need a new dress for that special dinner or work meeting? Look no further than… a friend’s closet? If they’re nice, they’ll definitely lend you a frock for no charges at all, saving you quite a bit of money.

5. Stop pushing the pedal. You can easily save at the pump by not gunning it in the car. Take that foot off the gas pedal and see your profit go up. Apparently, even just dropping 70 mph to 60 mph makes a difference and can save you up to 71 cents a gallon.

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