Five Types of Spending That Can Make You Happy

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Whoever said that money cannot buy happiness obviously didn’t live in 2014. All jokes aside, the joke is pretty true. Money can buy you happiness, that is, as long as you’re spending it the right way. After a while, buying yourself the best of the best of everything will eventually get old and you’ll want more out of it. Having plenty of money doesn’t always equal happiness – just look at Hollywood! However, if spent the right way, it can bring your tons of joy!

Here are five types of spending that can make you happy:

1. Donating to charity

Picking a specific charity or organization that hits close to home or has a significant meaning to you and being able to give a nice sum of money just because and to help out their cause is a feeling of happiness I cannot begin to express.

2. Experiences

Sure, you can buy that designer purse or shoes with a lot of money, or you can use that same amount of money to do something with your loved ones, like a vacation or even just a night out. That one trip or even just one night can give you more happiness because of the experience than a designer purse or shoes ever will.

3. Smaller purchases

Spending money on a number of smaller purchases compared to one big purchase is more likely to bring happiness, or more happiness! For example, spending money for a number of concerts of your favorite bands is considerably more satisfying than spending loads of money on just one concert with great seats by a top band.

4. The gift of time

Many people automatically equate the term “spending” with “money,” when in fact it can be far from it. Instead of buying your friend you haven’t seen in a while that expensive piece of jewelry, why not make a afternoon out of it with lunch and a shopping trip? Make use of quality time to catch up and laugh instead of having her thank you profusely for your lovely but extravagant gift.

5. Spending on others

It sounds a bit backwards, but overall, people like to spend more on others than they do on themselves – that’s what makes people happy. While there are some people who definitely don’t fall into this pool of people, for the most part, it rings true. After all, people love buying presents for other people during the Christmas season. Doing things that are kind and helpful for others is beneficial to your own happiness.

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