Five Great Alternative Methods for Paying Your Bills

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Paying your bills is always a drag, but having your bill get paid later than intended because of the unreliability of the most traditional way of snail mail can be an even worse situation. Many of us have been in a situation where we were late by a day or so in paying our bill because we forgot to mail our payment on a specific day in order for it to get in and count on time. After all, late payment fees are the worst – especially when they turn out to be more than your actual bill! Thankfully, there are now alternatives to paying your bills in the “old school” way – got to love technology. Forget about buying stamps and running to the post office every time you need to pay bills.  Now you can easily pay your bill with the click of a mouse or a simple text! 

Here are five great alternative methods for paying your bills:

1. Online bill pay – Yes, you can pay your bill the same day usually without having to open up your checkbook to write a check. You can use your checking or credit card account to pay your bill as a one-time payment.

2. Pay by text – Now you can pay many of your bills by SMS text message. Most cell phone providers have that as an option for payment.

3. Auto bill pay – This is an option under online bill pay usually and you can select this choice if you want a certain company to automatically deduct the bill amount from your checking account or credit card every month on the specific due date.

4. Pay with your cell phone – Mobile payments are a fairly new but rapidly adopting payment alternative that is used mostly in Europe and Asia. With this, you can use a mobile phone to pay and the charges are then just added to the phone bill.

5. Pay through other sites – Bill Me Later is the biggest alternative payment provider and you can make purchases and pay bills using a no-fuss checkout model. You can pay online without using a credit card at over 1000 stores.

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