The Easy Trick that Gets Amex Cardholders Free Money


Free money? Sign me up! After all, I have four small kids that are not all that inexpensive despite their small stature and simple needs. In all seriousness, no one says no to free money when it is offered, even if they don’t want it for themselves. In fact, we know plenty of people that take free money and do amazing things with it, such as pay off debts or even donate it to those in need. So here is a thought; why not take free money when it’s offered to you, and why not see if you can get free money from your American Express card. If the company is offering you free money, take it; they charge you enough as it is just to have that card in the first place.

Did you even realize that American Express offers its cardholders something called “Amex Offers and Benefits,” that are designed to save you money? Well, they do; and many of them are actually designed to give you free money. You see, when you log into your account and click on that little offering, you can see what is offered. For example, you might be able to make a purchase for $10 or more at a certain retailer and the card will offer you a $10 statement credit in return.

If you buy exactly $10 worth of items, you just got them free of charge. You can buy a $10 gift card to that store. You can buy an item you might need, such as new socks or a new outlet cover or a new hair brush or whatever it is you need, get the statement credit and end up with free stuff all day long. If you are not taking advantage of this offer by checking it out on a regular basis, you are absolutely not using your credit card the right way.

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