The Blue Cash Preferred Card From American Express Saves Hundreds At the Supermarket


One of the biggest expenses we have in our home is grocery purchases. I don’t clip coupons and I’m not always good with sales, and we do buy a lot of diapers and wine. Did I mention we have a family of six, but that my sister and her little boy live just down the road from us so they show up almost every night for dinner? That’s a family of 8 we feed almost every single night – 6 other nights. So, we spend a lot on groceries. By a lot, I mean between $300 and $500 per week. I read somewhere that the average American family spends something like $4,000 per year at the grocery store. This makes us sad. The point, though, is that the Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express can make life a lot less expensive at the supermarket.

With a 6% cash back bonus that works at the supermarket, you can save big time on your grocery purchases. Additionally, the card has a $150 sign-up bonus if you are able to spend $1,000 during the first 90 days you have the card in your wallet. Let’s say you shop like me and spend $300 per week at the supermarket. You can get 6% cash back up to $6,000 in supermarket purchases every year. At $300 per week, we’re spending $15,600 at the store (I’m sure I just died a little). That’s $360 cash back with the 6%. The rest will receive 1% cash back to earn you another $96.

With your $150 sign-up bonus, your $360 cash back and your additional $96 cash back, you are earning $606 cash back on all your groceries for the year. That’s more than 2 weeks of free groceries. If you love savings, you might want to sign up for this card now and make it happen for yourself.

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