The Best Times To Use Your Rewards Credit Card


We spend a lot of time talking to you about rewards cards and the benefit of them, yet there are still those who either don’t care enough to consider using one or those who don’t seem to understand just how valuable it is. If you’re going to book travel, hotels, airfare or even use cash back, you have to use a reward card. They do make things a lot less expensive, and they do provide you with a number of different options that you might not previously have had the option to book. If you don’t have a rewards card or you don’t use yours when you should, you’re missing out. There are times that it’s imperative to use one, and we have those times for you right here.

When you buy anything

Does your debit card or cash pay you to make purchases? No; that’s why something like a cash back card or reward card that does offer you points, miles or cash back when you buy gas, groceries, dinner, toys, birthday party decorations and anything else is a good idea. You’re getting paid to do the things you do anytime, and that’s a smart way to earn free stuff.

When big purchases are in your future

When my husband and I decided to buy a new sectional for our living room a few months ago, we paid cash. If we’d been thinking about it, we would have taken advantage of a new credit card offer that allows you to earn as many as 50,000 bonus points (worth several hundred dollars in free travel) by spending $3,000 in three months or less. We spend $3,800 on our new couch, so we would have received all those points using the card, a free flight or several hotel nights and been able to pay the balance off before the bill arrived. We should have done it that way and earned all that free travel.

When you book travel

Do you love to travel? Then you need a travel card. You can use it to book airlines, hotels and more, earn points and then end up with free travel later. Additionally, you save money with airline cards since you are typically offered free luggage and other perks, and we love that concept.

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