Ten Items That Credit Card Thieves Commonly Buy

Credit Card Thief

There is nothing worse than having your credit card stolen. You open up your bill one day and there is thousands of dollars worth of charges that you didn’t make. When this happens, you need to contact your credit card company and try to prove that you didn’t make the charges. In many cases, fraud will be proven and you won’t be held responsible. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make the ordeal any easier. What you may not know is that people who steal credit card numbers for a living have certain tastes. There are certain items that credit card thieves are more prone to buy than others. Below is a list of MarketWatch’s list of the products that are most commonly bought with stolen credit cards. The company did a great deal of research to compile this list.

Rolex Watches

Credit card thieves are not known for being frugal. They figure if they are going to steal a credit card to buy something, they want to go big. Rather than buy9ng a reasonably priced watch, credit card thieves go for the best watches on the market, the Rolex. Some thieves buy these watches to keep for themselves and some buy them so that they can sell them and get the cash. Credit card thieves will often go for the things that will help them make the most money.

Louis Vuitton Handbags

Louis Vuitton handbags are a very common purchase with credit card thieves. While there are plenty of other popular brands of handbags on the market today, such as Coach, Michael Kors, and Prada. Of all of the handbags available, credit card thieves seem to most often go for the Louis Vuitton. There are some thieves who have been tied to Louis Vuitton crime rings after stealing people’s credit card information. These bags are very expensive and are in very high demand.

Diamond Rings

Everyone knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Many men want to ask their girlfriends to marry them but they don’t have the money to buy the perfect ring. Credit thieves know this and they use it to their advantage. They will buy diamond rings with stolen credit card information and they will then sell the rings. They buy diamonds that cannot be traced back to them and then they sell it on the street.


The MacBook is a very expensive product that is in high demand. The people who use stolen credit cards to buy MacBooks will often keep them for themselves. There are some credit card thieves that will purchase several MacBooks and they will sell them to make some extra cash. They are worth quite a bit of money and the thief can make a great deal of money by selling them.


Smartwatches are all the rage right now. They have plenty of functions that can make a person’s life easier. A Smartwatch allows you to check notifications on your phone when it is in another room. It allows you to track your health by counting the steps that you take and the time and the quality of your sleep. You can even track your daily calorie intake on a Smartwatch. Depending on the brand of the Smartwatch and its functions, these little gadgets can be very expensive. Credit card thieves know this, therefore, it is an item that is commonly purchased with stolen credit card information. Like most other items that are bought with stolen cards, Smartwatches are also bought in bulk to be sold on the street.

Gift Cards

Gift cards for stores such as iTunes and Best Buy are very popular items for credit card thieves. With Best Buy cards, they can order the card online and then go into the store to buy their merchandise legally. When they purchase iTunes cards, they order them online and they either use them for their own music or to sell to make some extra money.

Web Hosting Services

Credit card thieves will often scam consumers with fake websites. In order to create the website, the scammer won’t want the payment for the web hosting service to be traced back to them. If it is, the scammer can end up being arrested for much more than stealing a credit card. A stolen credit card would bring the police to the person whose card was used to set up the site. Most scammers will keep their sites up for up for a month or two or until the individual figures out that their card information has been stolen. By then, the scammer closes up shop and moves on with another credit card.

Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms are a very common purchase among credit card thieves. They can check into a nice room and charge food, alcohol, and other merchandise to the room. Upon checkout, the thief will walk off with a full belly, merchandise from the gift shop and the wonderful memory of their stay at a 5-star hotel.


It may sound crazy, but more and more credit card thieves are using the cards to buy pizza. They do this because it is simple. They can order the pizza over the phone and then go to the store to pick it up. They can buy a great deal of food with the card before the victim realizes that their card had been stolen.

Electronics Cases

Most people own electronic devices. Because of this, they need cases. The cases for these items can be sold easily on the street to make money. There are some cases that are very expensive. Thieves can purchase these cases in bulk and sell them.

Unfortunately, there is always someone out there who wants to make money by doing absolutely nothing. They would rather steal from people who work hard for their money so that they don’t need to. Many people believe that it is a victimless crime, since most credit card companies will do an investigation and removed any fraudulent charges. What thieves don’t understand is that they are ruining people’s lives just to buy the things that they could not afford otherwise. If you ever have the unfortunate experience of having your credit card information stolen, chances are you will see charges for one or more of the items listed above.

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