Lowes Credit Card Customer Likes and Dislikes


One of the best places to have a credit card if you’re a homeowner is a home improvement store such as Lowes. For one, Lowes is everywhere in the country, and it’s one of the most respected home improvement stores in the country. People love Lowes, and it is because of the store’s friendly and helpful staff, their prices and their selection. Lowe’s does it all, from offering classes in which you can learn new trades to offering installation services to help you with your remodel or home upgrades.

Lowe’s is a great resource for all that you need in the world of remodeling and upgrading your home, and it’s because they offer some of the most comprehensive services in the world. Of course, they also offer a credit card. The Lowe’s card is a great one to have, because it’s a store you’ll always use. Whether you’re looking for a new lawn mower or to re-tile your entire house, earning rewards and points by purchasing things you really need is always worthwhile. If you’re still in debate mode, we can help you make an informed decision regarding whether or not the Lowe’s card is right for you based on what customers have to say about their likes and dislikes.

Great for Low Credit Scores

You’re not getting this card if your credit score is below 500 – and most people don’t even get this card if their credit score is below 600, but some are fortunate enough to get it. While the card is much better for people who have a higher credit score, it is an option for those who have an average credit score or even a below average score. Of course, people with less than a 651 credit score are often given very low credit limits around $300. The higher your score, the higher your limit. Those with a high score will get a limit that will allow them to do just about anything in terms of projects in their new house.

If you have a low credit score and want to apply for a Lowes credit card, do it. Chances are good you will be approved for a small limit that might help you to make some purchases that you need. You can also use this card to help you boost your score by using it to make good decisions. For one, always pay on time and either in full or at least the minimum balance. Two, you can keep your score high by keeping your balance low. It’s a great option.

Easy Payment Options

Most people love this card because of the payment options. You can pay in the store – any Lowes location – online, over the phone or through the mail. The catch is that mail payments can take anywhere from 14 to 16 business days to post to your account, so you’ll want to ensure that you mail them well in advance. Otherwise, you run the risk of accruing late fees and other issues that will negatively affect your account standing with Lowes. Additionally, you have many payment options that allow you to pay for specific things rather than just an overall payment. For example, if you call in and ask to have your payment applied to your oldest balance because the promotional finance period is ending soon, they will do that so you pay it off faster and avoid accruing interest.

Frequent Credit Limit Increases

Another of the best features of the Lowes credit card is the fact that customers are given frequent credit limit increases. When you review the online reviews of this card, it’s easy to see that people are satisfied with more than just the offers and promotional financing. Many people state that they are approved for one credit line and only three or four months later given a credit line increase after making on time payments since opening their account. This is a great option for cardholders, because it shows trust and customer appreciation from Lowes, and that’s what people like about this particular feature.


There are complaints about everything in life, and it is only fair to provide you with the biggest complaints that have to do with the Lowes credit card so that you can see what others think about this card. People make wonderful comments, and negative comments and our job is to weed through them and see which ones are worth considering.

One of the biggest complaints that people have is that their mailed payments and online payments are immediately applied to the newest ‘balance’ on their card. For example, if you apply for the card and get the special 36 month financing on your first purchase, you’ll want to pay that off first, right? Well, the company will apply your payment to the most recent purchases and not the oldest balances in an effort to accrue more interest on those when they are not paid off. The issue for most cardholders is that they assume that they’ve paid off their special financing purchases in full or at least a lot of it, but it turns out they’ve not paid any of it off because their payments have been allotted to other balances. The only way to change this is to call the company and specify over the phone where you want your payments to go.

Customer service is another common complaint with the Lowes card. Many people complain that the service reps that take calls on behalf of the company are rude and unhelpful. Lowes is a store with excellent customer service, so it is difficult to imagine that the people who answer phones for the credit line are not helpful, but they’re not Lowes employees. They are employees from the issuing bank, which could explain this.

Overall, the Lowes credit card is filled with features and things that cardholders appreciate more so than not, which is a good indication that this is a card with which you will be happy. A longstanding relationship with this company is going to benefit you more than it will harm you, which is why this card comes so well recommended.

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