Why Consumers Shouldn’t Buy Hair Products From Amazon and Other Big Box Retailers

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There comes a time in every woman’s life when we cheat on our stylist and purchase salon professional product outside of the salon. The reasons for cheating are understandable though, right? – Your stylist is waiting on new stock, you really don’t want to make a special trip to the salon just for hairspray or you just read about something new that you’d like try, but your salon doesn’t carry it.

So, convenience wins and you shop on Amazon (gasp!), or you head to your nearest drugstore. However, it’s risky … Is what you purchased really what you wanted? Counterfeit, expired and unlicensed products are commonly sold online and throughout big-box retailer chains. This leads to one of the biggest problems facing salons, manufacturers and the salon professional industry, product diversion.

Brand such as Paul Mitchell, Joico, CHI, American Crew, and more have become victims of product diversion. These salon professional brands have long been known for their trustworthy products and commitment to the salon professional industry. Now more than ever, these products are showing up in the same places you go to buy paper towels and food.

Salons and stylists have it just as bad. When consumers (unknowingly) buy diverted product, they not only take away commissions from salons and stylists, but they’re also taking the chance of ruining a relationship with someone who’s opinion they value when it comes to hair.

“Your stylist is your hair doctor, a real PHD – Professional Hair Dresser. We’re trained, experienced professionals and we’ve seen all kinds of hair texture, color and style. Our job is to understand you and your hair, then prescribe the products you need to achieve salon-looking hair at home. It’s our responsibility to teach you how, when and where to use each product,” said Loxa Beauty hair stylist, Grace Watson.

Finally, we must consider ourselves as the consumers. When we purchase (again, unknowingly) diverted products, we risk losing faith in our favorite salon professional brand, and even worse, ruining our hair.

So how does product diversion occur? In the salon industry world, the “grey market” is known for causing commotion. These con artists buy salon product from legitimate distributors and set the products aside for years. The barcode eventually expires, and product can no longer be tracked. During that time, the product is exposed to cruel temperatures, making it less effective and at most times, expired. The product is then sold to big-box retailers such as Amazon and your favorite drugstore, where you sacrifice convenience over authorization.

Knowing all of this, how can you guarantee that your products are 100 percent authorized, safe and priced correctly?

Trust in your stylist. Your stylist knows what’s best when it comes to your hair and how to protect it. They know the best products, where to buy and who to trust. Keep it transparent with them and let them know that sometimes you just can’t make it in to buy product, and ask where they suggest you go to purchase.

You can also visit authorized salon professional retailers like LoxaBeauty.com. This site works with major manufacturers such as Paul Mitchell, American Crew, Joico and more to end product diversion and always guarantees 100 percent authentic product. Not to mention, they are also the only site where a local stylist still makes a commission on every sale from the site, keeping the professional at the center of every transaction.

And lastly, do your research. Most manufacturer websites can help you find where to buy authorized product by typing in your zip code.

Take a stand and support your stylist and manufacturers that work hard to help you have beautiful, healthy and happy hair.

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