The Ann Taylor Credit Card Perks are Worth Applying For

Ann Taylor

Store credit cards are sometimes a bit controversial. After all, you can’t use them anywhere but the store. That often leaves consumers wondering whether or not they are willing to knock their credit score down a few points and take that hit to apply for a store card, especially when the store is one that doesn’t offer everything your family needs. Ann Taylor, for example, is a wonderful retailer for women who have a need for business casual clothing, but it’s not doing to benefit anyone else in the family in that the retailer doesn’t sell men’s apparel or accessories, or anything for kids.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t carry this card, and it doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. However, it’s the kind of credit card you have to think about before filling out that application. Why? Because your credit score is going to drop a few points, and it’s going to take a hit that could affect the future of your finances. When pondering the decision whether or not to apply for this card, perhaps you should consider some of the perks; they might make it easier for you to choose whether or not to submit the application.

Reward Points

The Ann Taylor credit card is great for rewards. You get 5 points for every $1 you spend. That’s a lot of points! In fact, most credit cards offer that many points only on special occasions, but Ann Taylor offers these points every single day, no matter what. When you earn 2000 rewards points, cardholders are sent a $20 gift card. That’s a pretty awesome reward for spending money at a store you love. And savings rock; every little bit counts.

Birthday Benefits

Whether you choose to ignore your birthday because you’re over it or you embrace it in all its glory, you’re getting a $15 gift card from Ann Taylor to help you find the perfect birthday look. Every single year this will happen; no matter how much or how little you spend on your card, you’re getting $15 free to use toward any purchase that makes you feel fabulous on your special day.

Use it at the Loft

Ann Taylor is great, but Ann Taylor Loft is even better. It’s got more casual clothing, better prices and a big selection. And now you can use your Ann Taylor credit card when you shop the Loft so that you can earn points, free gift cards and score amazing apparel all at the same time. It’s a pretty good deal for a store credit card, don’t you think?

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