JetBlue Card Moves From Amex to Barclaycard


Do you have a JetBlue Card from American Express? Not for long, you don’t. JetBlue announced this week that the airline has decided to go a different route in the new year, focusing on offering their cards from Barclaycard instead of American Express going into 2016. What this means is a complete rehaul of the program, and new cards for everyone that currently already has a card through Jetblue. The new branding might seem annoying to those who already have the card, but means great things are going to happen in terms of new cardholders and old cardholders. The changes improve the brand.

What’s not changing is the low annual fee. The annual fee to carry this card will remain at only $40 per year, which is a very low fee and worthwhile for those who use the card regularly. What is changing is the number of points you get when you book travel through this card. Instead of the current 2 points you receive through American Express and JetBlue, Barclaycard offers 4 points – that’s twice the number of miles you earned in the past (and a nice change). You’ll earn 2 points on all your groceries and your restaurant purchases, and you will earn 1 point for all other purchases.

Other positive changes include a $100 companion travel discount when you spend more than $500 by June 30, and you get MasterCard World Elite Perks if you lose your luggage, want to book a trip or you want to take advantage of VIP offers not available to others. Perhaps one of the biggest perks, however, is the fact that you are going to receive a 5% point rebate on every trip you purchase with your points using this card. To just round things out a bit, you won’t pay any foreign transaction fees, either.

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