How To Earn 2x HHonors Points or Airline Miles with Hilton Stays in Early 2016

Hilton Hotel

If you are a Hilton Hotel lover, you will be very pleased to hear about the new promotion that runs January 1 through April 30 in the New Year. During this timeframe, all Hilton HHonors Reward members are eligible to earn a pretty lucrative bonus during any and all stays, but you have to choose between two options. You can choose to earn double the points with the Hilton Hotel brand, or you can choose to earn double the miles through the Hilton process. Either is good, but the airline miles through Hilton and their airline partners are typically a little bit more valuable than the hotel stay, so you might want to choose wisely.

The first step in earning is to simply register online with Hilton so that your HHonors account is eligible to receive the points and bonuses from the offer, which is necessary if you want to earn anything. Additionally, you might want to choose to use your Hilton HHonors Reserve card when you stay so that you can accelerate your earnings with 10 points for every dollar spent during any of your stays. This helps you earn faster and redeem quicker.

Depending on how you work this reward offer, you can maximize the value of anything you earn to get the best out of the deal. If you choose to use the hotel points redemption, you’ll find that right now Hilton is offering some really low redemption points and some great offers with their lower-level hotel properties, which are always great for a quick overnight near an airport before an early flight or for a very quick stay. Take a look at what you might be able to earn, then choose what you want to earn between reward points at the hotel and miles redeemable for flights.

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