How To Earn a 30% Bonus When You Purchase Hyatt Points

Grand Hyatt Hotel

The best and most amazing way to earn rewards with Hyatt is to join Hyatt Gold Passport, which is a free membership. You can apply online, at the hotel, over the phone or even when you sign up for your Hyatt credit card. When you sign up for the Hyatt credit card, you make it even easier on yourself to earn more points for free nights, upgrades and other rewards. However, it’s not the only way to earn points with Hyatt.

The Gold Passport Program is a nice one. It allows members free offers, upgrades, discounts and special offers that are not available to those who do not belong to the program. However, you won’t earn points if you don’t stay at a Hyatt hotel and use your Gold Passport number when you book your room or check-in. Because it’s the holidays, Hyatt wants to say thank you to their loyal customers by offering all Gold Passport members the chance to earn more points by buying them at a discounted rate. That’s right; you can buy points. I’ve done it as a Hyatt Gold Passport member, and right now Hyatt is offering their customers a chance to purchase an additional 30% worth of points.

My husband and I had a very early morning fight to New York City back in February. We had to be at the airport around 5 am, so we decided that instead of getting up and driving an hour to the airport in the morning, we’d stay at the Hyatt just down the street from the airport. The Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay is one of our favorites because the staff is always remarkable and the restaurants are just to-die-for. Since we weren’t arriving at the hotel until around 9 pm the night before, we did not want to pay the $200+ for the night. We’d be enjoying about none of the hotel, and we’d only be there a few hours. So, we decided to use our points. I needed a certain number of points to book the hotel, and did not have quite enough.

I was 1500 points shy of what I needed to book a free room, so I simply bought 2,000 points from Hyatt for $24 per 1,000 points. I paid $48 to get our room, and saved 75% doing it. It’s really not a bad deal. Now, had the room been $100 that night, I would have saved my points for a more expensive hotel on a different night instead of wasting them on a stay that would have only been an additional $50 for us. It’s a great program.

Right now, Hyatt Gold Passport members can buy more points for less. There are a few restrictions, however; all purchases must be made by Hyatt Gold Passport members who meet the following requirements.

  • You must be a Gold Passport member for at least 30 days
  • Your account must be positive
  • You cannot purchases fewer than 1,000 points
  • You cannot purchase more than 55,000 points
  • It might take up to 48 hours for points to post to your account
  • Points do not count toward your Hyatt Gold Passport elite status

For every 1,000 points you purchase, you will receive 300 additional points free of charge. That’s a nice bonus, and it’s only for Gold Passport members at the moment. Here’s how to go about taking advantage of this amazing deal.

  1. Log into your Hyatt Gold Passport account online
  2. Find the Buy Points Link
  3. Enter your information and the number of points you wish to purchase
  4. Pay for your points
  5. Wait for points to post to your account within 48 hours (but usually right away)

If we may, we’d like to offer one piece of advice when booking a hotel using your Hyatt Gold Passport points. Do not waste them; really, there are some deals that are just not worth it. In fact, we’d recommend saving them for a trip that you want to take without paying for it, or for one that enables you to use some points and some cash and pay a little bit less for an expensive room. Do not use them on already low rates that are not really saving you anything. Would you rather use your points to pay for a free night in a less luxurious Hyatt in a small town somewhere on a road trip that would have only cost you $100 to begin with, or would you rather use them to pay for that $400 per night room in the city? Think about that one and make the decision that saves you the most.

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