Five Credit Cards That are Perfect for Uber

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Sharing is caring, and that’s not just something I tell my kids so that they’ll stop screaming at one another and begging me to discipline one of their siblings (because my 4-year-old doesn’t get that a 1-year-old might not always be the most reasonable and rational person around when it comes to sharing and negotiating time limits on things like toys and cartoons). The economy has changed vastly in the past few years, making it more possible for the masses to want to share what they have with others. Okay, so they’re not sharing so much as they are renting out just about any and every aspect of their lives possible in order to make a few bucks, but who is counting?

Uber is one of the most prominent methods of sharing these days. You have a car, it meets some requirements, and you pass a background check; now you are completely free and eligible to go ahead and start charging strangers a fee to drive them to and fro, and you get to do it all on your own time. It’s not a bad concept, and it’s provided some much needed additional income for many, as well as a way for travelers to get where they want to go without worrying about paying the hefty fees that many cabs and taxis services charge.

Did you know, though, that you can use specific credit cards to pay for your Uber rides and max out your points and miles in the best way possible? It’s true; you can earn points and miles on your purchases with Uber simply by using the right card, and we have a few suggestions that will allow you to get the most from your points right now and right here.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

With Chase, Uber is considered travel, so you earn two times the points when you pay for your ride with this card. That means you’re twice as quickly earning free flights and hotel rooms, or whatever it is you choose to book with these options. Additionally, this is a great card to use if you are out of the country since there are no foreign transaction fees that might make the point of the card a little less profitable.

Citi ThankYou Premier Card

Since Citi announced earlier in the year that they were adding a bonus category to the mix, it’s been one of the top cards to use when purchasing rides through Uber. Now you get 3 times the points when you use this card to pay for moving travel purchases, such as rides through Uber. That means you’ll get more points to use for things such as airfare, hotel purchases and other redemption options you find most valuable when using this particular credit card.

Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express

One of our favorite cards as a whole, this card is good for Uber, too. You will earn one point for every Uber dollar spent, but it gets better than that. If you use Uber when you are staying at a Starwood hotel and your accounts are linked, you’ll earn an additional point for every dollar you spend on your ride. It’s a nice bonus for anyone who is looking to go ahead and earn more points and more money as a whole.

Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Card

Right now, this is our favorite card for anyone who is using the Uber option when traveling. For one, this Capital One card offers more rewards on things that you buy on a daily basis. Instead of categorizing things into groups and offering larger returns on certain purchases, you are going to find that you are eligible to earn more with this card as it allows you to earn 1.5 points on every purchase. Additionally, all Uber rides are 20% off from now until April 30, 2016. That’s some significant savings.

Any Reward Credit Card

This is kind of broad, I know. However, any card in your wallet that earns reward points in terms of miles or cash back or anything of that nature is a great card to use when you are booking a trip via Uber. Why? Because it’s just another simple way to earn more rewards and put you on track to earning serious cash back or free flights or upgrades or hotel rooms as quickly as possible. It’s a pretty simple concept, and it’s one that we really do enjoy on any occasion. Additionally, rewards cards allow you to earn two points for every dollar you spend on an Uber purchase.

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