Chase Is Bumping Up Bonuses on Sapphire Preferred, Freedom


Credit card bonuses are the best, especially when you don’t do anything you would not ordinarily do to get them. Chase always offers competitive bonuses on all their major credit cards, and that’s one of the reasons they are one of the best credit card companies in the world. However, this year the company is going above and beyond to ensure that their customers are getting even more for their money, and that includes additional bonuses and sweet incentives designed to bring in the applications from new cardholders.

If you are not already a Chase Freedom or Chase Sapphire Preferred cardholder, now is the time to consider becoming one or the other. The company is now offering one of the most competitive bonus increases available at the moment – and it’s only for a limited time. More appealing than ever before, Chase is rolling out the big time bonuses and offers just in time for the holidays to entice more consumers to come over to their side and apply for Chase cards to keep in their own wallets. Are you going to become one of them?

Chase Freedom

Right now you can earn a pretty nice cash back bonus with the Chase Freedom card, and it’s not even difficult. Sign up for this card and spend $500 within the first 90 days of your account opening and you will earn $150 cash back. This bonus is only available to new cardholders.

In addition to the newly minted cash back bonus, there are a number of other reasons to apply for the Chase Freedom card; including the fact that this card offers big-time cash back rates on the things that you purchase the most. Every quarter, the company chooses new categories such as dining, gas, groceries and entertainment and offers cardholders the chance to spend up to $1,500 on those items for a cash back return of 5%. If you max out that offer every single quarter, you’ll earn $75 per quarter on your purchases – that’s a nice deal. The categories rotate quarterly, and they always include the things that you spend the most money purchasing so that everyone has a chance to earn significantly on their items.

The rest of your purchases earn an unlimited 1% cash back bonus at all times. With no interest on any purchases or balance transfers for 15 months, this is a great card for anyone who is going to consider a large purchase or who wants to transfer an expensive balance collecting interest elsewhere for more time to pay it off and enjoy. Did we mention this card has no annual fee?

Chase Sapphire Preferred

The new rewards bonus for this particular card is pretty grand; if you spend $4,000 within the first 90 days of opening a credit card account with Chase, you will earn 50,000 bonus points. This is a great card for anyone who loves to travel because it provides you with the option to travel free and wide and earn significant points in the meantime. With 2 points earned for every dollar you spend on any travel and restaurant purchase, the points will add up big time. Every other purchase is worth an unlimited 1 point for every dollar spent. There is an annual fee associated with this card, but the $95 fee is waived for one year. The bonus miles add up to $625 in free travel, which is a nice free bonus to have when you apply for this card.

Sign up now for one of the Chase cards to earn one of these significant bonuses and enjoy the fact that you can now travel freely, earn cash back and shop while being rewarded this holiday season.

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