Capital One Introduces Interactive Credit Tracker for Everyone’s Benefit

credit tracker now available

If there is one thing that we all know is important in our financial lives, it’s our credit score. We know that this is the number that means more to us than almost any other number. It’s the number that might make or break a new job application, the one that determines whether or not you get to buy the house of your dreams, and the number that determines your eligibility to take out a car loan. It’s also the number that determines the interest you pay on anything you finance. The better your credit score, the less expensive your life. However, it’s not always easy to gain access to your credit score. Each of the major credit bureaus offers it to all people one time every year, but that’s not enough.

Capital One is a bank that prides itself on knowing that some people want more access to their credit profile than a once a year or once every few months kind of view. The lender knows that they have a market the branch into, and they did. Now Capital One has introduced their new CreditWise program. It’s an online credit-tracking tool that allows consumers to log into their account and see just where they are in terms of their credit.

The amazing news is that this is a program that is not available only to Capital One members. It’s available to everyone. With the program, you can track your credit score, see how it’s changed and why, see how to strengthen your score and see everything that your credit has to offer. From seeing how old your oldest credit account is to seeing how good you are about making your payments on time, you can see it all. You can also see just how much of your credit you are utilizing, and make changes on your credit profile based on the information provided.

If you have not already provided your information to Capital One to use this program, now is the time. It is a wonderful tool that is designed to help you maintain the most amazing credit, and it’s only going to benefit your financial future.

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