Ways to Tell Your Friends You’re on a Budget


No one wants to look at their friends and say, “I’d love to go to Hawaii with you next week, but I’m on a budget.” Talking about money with your friends has a certain type of stigma attached to it, and it’s not something most people enjoy doing. However, it’s something that’s often necessary. If you’re looking to tell your friends that you can’t spend, spend, spend, you might want to consider one of these simple strategies.

“We’re Saving For…”

When you say you’re on a budget, it can make you feel embarrassed, as if though you’re not successful enough. However, when you point out to your friends that you’re saving for something specific, you won’t feel as if you’re telling them you’re not successful. You’ll feel more responsible, and your friends are more likely to understand.

Be Honest

It’s hard to be honest, but you’re not giving your friends enough credit. They don’t judge you or think less of you for being responsible. In fact, they’re going to think just the opposite. Tell your friends it’s not in the budget to join them for dinner or vacation at the moment is not dishonest; and it’s not going to make them think less of you.

“I Can’t Afford That,”

It’s a perfectly reasonable answer to a question or suggestion from a friend. Not everyone can afford to go jetting off on vacation at the last minute. Not everyone can afford to spend $300 on a Friday night dinner, and it’s okay. No one is going to think less of you for not being able to afford something. You wouldn’t  hesitate to tell them you can’t afford a Ferrari, so why not something else?

Tell Them In Advance

If you want to avoid uncomfortable situations, tell your friends before something comes up that you’re making the choice to live on a budget. It’s okay. It’ll mean you don’t have to tell them when they’re in the midst of planning something awesome you won’t be able to join them for. When you make the decision to live on a budget, just let them know so that they’ll respect it.

Make Alternate Suggestions

When your friends want to do something you can’t afford, make a suggestion that’s similar but a lot less expensive. Instead of going out to dinner, how about having a gourmet dinner at your house? When you make a fun alternative, you’re telling your friends you can’t afford it and then giving them something else to look forward to.

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