Tips for Getting Your House Ready for Summer on a Budget


Summer is just around the corner (what a lie; it’s here in full force in Florida and has been for five solid weeks. Seriously, it’s 92 right now) and that means it’s time to spring clean. But since that’s not as much fun as enjoying the summer sun, it’s time to get your house summer ready, and fast. We all know that summer is long and hot and fun, but you will waste so much money over the course of this time of year if you’re not careful. This mean it’s time to go out and get a few inexpensive things to help you get your house summer ready. By putting just a little bit of money into your house right now to prep it for summer, you can save a lot down the road. Take our advice and see what needs doing. The good news is that your home very likely does not need a lot of work to get it summer ready but if it does, the things we suggest are fairly inexpensive and simple.

Beat the Heat

Get the caulk gun out and get to insulating your house. Make sure all your doors and windows are taken care of and that you are ready for the summer heat to arrive. This will keep the heat out and the cool air in, which will help prevent your AC from overworking.

Add Ceiling Fans

It’s not that expensive to add ceiling fans if you’re not concerned with the way they look. But they can make a huge difference in the air flow in any room in your home. Running these means you can keep your air turned up higher and your house cooler.

Buy Cotton Sheets

Did you know you can keep your house feeling good with cotton sheets? They’re cool and comfortable, and they’ll make it possible for you to turn up that air at night and save just a little on your utility bill each month.

Plant a Garden

You can get your house summer ready now by planting your favorite flowers and bushes, and even by planting an adorable garden filled with the fruits and vegetables you use most during the summer. This means you’ll be able to go forward with saving money on buying these things, which is great home prep.

Clean the Grill

You’re going to be spending a lot of time outside now, so go ahead and clean the grill. You don’t want to cook on something that has grease and grime and residue built up on it from the summer before, so go ahead and clean it now before it’s time to use this.

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