10 Ways to Prepare for Your Holiday Spending

Santa Claus and presents

The pound may have adverse effects on most currencies right now, but that does not mean that you should not enjoy your holiday. Holidays are a great way to relax your mind and forget about the hassles and bustles of work. They also help one catch up with family members they have not seen in a while. Most people get a little carried away by the good times such that when the fun is over, they don’t know where to start. It is not uncommon to hear people starting the New Year with a diary full of debts. If this sounds like you, you need to change the way you spend your money during holidays. A few tweaks here and there and you will be able to have a good time with your family without worrying about going bankrupt. You also have to make a few sacrifices and exercise persistence for these tricks to work so get ready.

Set a reasonable budget

Most people are aware of the strains they might encounter as they approach the New Year if they don’t plan. They, therefore, sit down and come up with a budget for the holiday season. However, most of these budgets are not realistic: they are either too low or too high. The right way around this is to involve family and friends when designing the budget. Decide how much you are going to use on gifts, trips etcetera. The idea is to spend more on homemade gifts as they are less expensive. Another idea is to select one person to gift instead of having everyone buy a gift for each family member.

Stay aware from holiday debt allurements

During the holiday season, a lot of items are bound to sell at unbelievable prices. That is where many people tend to spend a lot of money on stuff that was not on their budget. You walk into a store and spot a television going at $3000 instead of $2000 and you don’t think twice about buying it. While this may be a good deal, it certainly isn’t a wise idea. That $2000 would have done a lot more and probably even left you with some change. No matter how good the deal is, unless it is among the list of items you planned to buy, just leave it.

Collect coupons

One amazing way of saving during holidays is to make the most of the coupons. You will be amazed at how much you can buy when you have coupons. In the end, everyone is happy: all your family members have a gift, and you will have saved significantly. Next time you are there scratching your head thinking where you will get the money to buy everyone a gift, check whether the item has a coupon code first. Expect to save anything from $10-$100.

Save up for the holiday season

A smart mind is one that plans ahead. Sometimes waiting until you have a lot of money in your pocket doesn’t always happen. Life is unpredictable and the holidays may just find you empty handed, which would be rather shameful. You can even start a fixed account for that purpose only. Drop something into the account whenever you count, and in no time, you will have saved up more than enough to spend on whatever is needed.

Reduce bad spending habits

That is closely related to the previous point. If you have some bad spending habits like smoking or costly night outs, you should overcome such habits if you want to afford gifts for your family members. Instead of taking the bus to work, you can walk (or alight a stage earlier). After all, it is beneficial for your health. Other ways you can curb your spending habits include carrying food to work instead of buying, and unsubscribing from things like magazines and gym memberships that you don’t need.

Shop now

The good thing with this is that when everybody is running haphazardly trying to find the perfect gift, you will be at home relaxed because you have it covered. That way you get to save on time. Additionally, shopping early gives you enough time to research and find the perfect gift, which will ultimately reduce your chances of buying plenty of items at a go. This can really come in handy, especially when you are inclined to misusing your credit card. Nonspecific gifts are also particularly affordable during this time.

Consider personalized gifts

As mentioned earlier, personalized gifts are relatively less expensive. Another benefit of these types of gifts is that they show that you really put a lot of thought before making the purchase. Instead of going to a gift store and picking a random item simply due to its appearance, sit down, look at your list and think about a gift they could use. For instance, if a certain relative is especially fond of baking and usually does their mixing manually, you can surprise them with an electric mixer. They will be forever grateful for that thoughtful gift.

Be aware of your credit report

You don’t want to walk into a store and fill your trolley with gifts only for your credit card to be rejected. The essence of preparing for the holidays is so that everything runs smoothly. Checking your credit score gives you the chance to correct any errors prior to the big day. Still, when it comes to credit cards, any outstanding debts can be repaid early enough to avoid last minute inconveniences. Once you have all these sorted out, your holiday shopping will be less traumatizing.

Use your bargain skills

Never underestimate the power of haggling. If you are blessed with this skill, you can take advantage of it to save a lot on gifts. An example is when you plan on going for a vacation during the holiday. Negotiating the price of hotel rooms, for instance, can cut back on your holiday spending significantly.

Bring your food

It would cost around $25 for a family of four to enjoy sandwiches and soft drinks on a plane. That $25 can be put to better use if the family carries their food. Of course, liquids are not allowed, but you can always bring empty bottles with you and fill them with drinking water from the airport. The other option is to buy drinks at the departure lounge. Massive savings are guaranteed!


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