Five Things That Always Seem to Go Over Budget

If you’re like most people, you probably try to at least live by a general budget. You might not be a cash envelope, stop shopping for two weeks because you spent your fun money kind of family, but you probably have a general budget. However, no matter how hard you try to stay within your budget, there are always, always things that seem to go over budget – it’s impossible to get these things into your price point, no matter what. Read on to find out what always seems to go over budget in every household.

Grocery Trips

You make lists, you use store coupons and you try really hard to keep your budget beneath a certain dollar amount when you hit the supermarket. But you always manage to go over budget. It happens. Things like diapers and wipes and formula and small items you never think about until you’re in the store always seem to pop up when you least expect them, causing you to spend more than you anticipated.

New Cars

It’s just a trap that we all fall into. We go shopping for a new vehicle and say we want to stay in this particular budget and then BAM! There’s that dream car of yours that’s only a few grand more and just so awesome. So we buy it. It happens every single time. It doesn’t help that things like tax, tag, title and other little fees add up so often.


How can moving be so expensive? Well, it is. You have to have boxes, you have to have a vehicle big enough to move everything. You have to feed the people helping you. You have to pay for your cable to be transferred, your electricity to be turned on and your other things to be sent over that way. You need new cleaning supplies, new furniture and new stuff for your new house. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles.


You are only spending $35,000  on your wedding. You have a strict budget and you’re sticking to it. But then your dream dress is too much money. Then your food is too much money. Then the dream venue you’ve always wanted to wed in is too much money. Before you know it, you’re over budget. It’s the story of ever bride’s life. She’s scrimping here to make up for that and pinching here to get this, and she’s still over budget. Welcome to wedding planning.


You have great health insurance. You have great vehicles and you have a house and you have space. You have the budget to furnish and decorate an adorable nursery. So you decide to have a baby; and then you’re having twins and your family of four is turning into a family of six and your house is no longer big enough, your car is no longer big enough, and you now have to buy two pieces of every baby item and furniture and let’s not even go there when it comes to diapers and formula and wipes. Suddenly you’re paying for NICU stays and extra college tuition expenses and weddings. Babies always go over budget – especially when it means buying a new house and new cars in the process!

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