Areas In Your Budget You Can Cut Back On Within 24 hours


What’s awesome about a budget is that it can be changed at any given moment. And we are not talking about for the worse; we are talking about for the better. You might think that you have no room in your budget in which to make changes and save more money, but we bet we can help you save a bunch of money somewhere in your life without much effort whatsoever. Sometimes  a fresh and impartial eye from someone outside your family is all it takes to find out what you need to do it make the biggest changes in your life as far as your budget is concerned. Maybe we can help you to minimize yours in the next few minutes. In fact, we promise you that we have five ways you can change your budget for the better in the next 24 hours – and at least a few of them will apply to you and your personal financial situation.

Lower the Cell Plan

Check your plan and see what it is you are overpaying for. It might be something simple like text messages when everyone you know is on your plan and has free texts – you could be paying as much as $20 per month per line for unlimited messages and only sending 30.

Lower your Interest Rates

Call your credit card companies. Tell them you want to close your account because you are transferring your balance to a card with a lower rate, and most of them will immediately offer you a lower interest rate to keep your patronage.

Cut your Insurance Premium

Your insurance agency might be able to offer you some discounts on your premium. Call and ask what you can send it to lower your premium, such as information regarding the new security system you have or the fact that you got married or that you’ve been a customer with no claims for a dozen years. It sometimes helps.

Say Goodbye to Cable

With Netflix, Hulu and all that other stuff, it’s a waste for us to pay $150 a month or more for television. When was the last time you watched real television, anyway? It seems like it’s been a million years.

Buy Envelopes

Here’s the deal; buy envelopes and stick cash in them. Stick cash in them for your fun money, your mortgage, and everything else you pay each month. When that envelope is empty, you can’t spend anything else out of it. That’s a great way to save a lot of money and make your budget a little bigger.

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