Plastc is Gunning to Be the Only Credit Card You’ll Ever Need


Many of us carry around large purses mostly because our big wallets are filled to the brim with all sorts of cards. We often have way too many credit cards and frequent rewards cards that we don’t always use in a month, much less in a single trip. Enter Plastc: a device that its manufacturers say can replace most of your credit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and more that you carry with you on a daily basis. How it works is quite simple: you pair it with an app on your phone via Bluetooth, which gives you unlimited storage for all the cards you have – Plastc itself can store up to 20 cards. The app logs all your transaction history – gotta love technology!

Aside from being able to switch up your card details through the touchscreen panel, Plastc can also show you loyalty, gift cards’ barcodes, can even wipe your data in case it gets lost or stolen. The home panel gives a display of your name, signature and picture as well as your card number as form of identification. The even cooler thing about the experience is if you leave it somewhere or even find your own  – it will even flash a message for it to return it to the other.

If it all seems familiar, it’s probably because it is – in this case, another similar device called Coin, which launched last year. Very similarly to Plastc, it can store numerous card details that you can summon depending on your choice. Unfortunately for Coin, they ended up moving the ETA to spring 2015 and pre-order customers were not okay with that. After all, with Plastc coming out, it begs the question: “What could they do Coin didn’t end up doing?”

Plastc is currently available to be preordered from the website at $155 each, which is about $55 more expensive than Coin’s $100 price tag. It could also be out as soon as Summer 2015.

(Photo Source: Plastc )


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