Verizon’s TravelPass Will Let You Roam Internationally for $10 per Day

Verizon Wireless TravelPass

Good news for Verizon users; the company just announced something called the TravelPass program, and it’s awesome. If you are like me and you’re a loyal Verizon Wireless subscriber, you probably know that traveling overseas means you have great service in most locations, but it’s expensive to call home. Trust me; I know this all too well. That’s why the company has announced the new TravelPass program, which allows Verizon users to make as many international calls a day as they’d like for only $10 per day.

Here’s how it works; you log on to your Verizon Wireless account and you activate the TravelPass feature. It’s a one-time deal. You can use it forever once you activate it since you only pay for TravelPass when you use it. That means this; if you are in Europe, for example, you only get charged $10 per day the days you use your TravelPass product. This means you only get charged if you make a call, send a text or activate your voice messages that day. Let’s say you are in Europe for 14 days and you choose to use your Verizon phone on three of those days to call and text. Those will activate your TravelPass on just that day, and you will be charged $30.

You’re not charged when you don’t use TravelPass, but you are only charged $10 for the whole day when you do. You could, theoretically, spend the entire day on the phone for hours and hours and hours from the other side of the world and spend only $10 that day. It’s not a bad feature, and it’s available for all Verizon Wireless users. We recommend taking advantage of this offer the next time you plan on traveling internationally so that you can use your phone for very little.

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