Black Friday Facts Infographic

Black Friday Facts

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You might be a long time Black Friday shopper, but chances are you don’t know these Black Friday Facts! Remember to share this will all of your fellow Black Friday shoppers that decide brave the Black Friday sales whether it be in the stores or behind their keyboard.

1. 12% of Black Friday shoppers will be drunk

According to a Retail Me Not survey, don’t be surprised if you run into shoppers that overindulged in the cocktail portion of Thanksgiving.

2. Black Friday is deadly

In the past 5 years Black Friday has caused 7 deaths and 98 injuries. You’re more likely to be killed or injured by a shark (5 deaths & 100 injuries per year), but seriously, death by shopping?.

3. Philly cops created the name

Back in the 1950’s, Philadelphia cops referred to the days after Thanksgiving as “Black Friday” and “Black Saturday” due to the horrible traffic jams.

4. Stores roll out low quality products to entice you

Ever wonder why that laptop is so much cheaper? It’s because they use lower quality components to get the price down. The same goes for most electronics.

5. It’s the busiest day of the year for plumbers

Just because something fits in your drain, doesn’t mean it will go down it. Save yourself the headaches and have your guests empty their plates into a trash bag instead of your sink.

Other Black Friday facts:

-42% of Americans (133.7MM) shop over Black Friday weekend

-$380.95 is the average amount a Black Friday shopper spends

-74% of Millennials shop on Black Friday weekend

-72% of Black Friday shoppers do it online and not in the stores


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