Tips on Handling Your Layover at the Airport

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For some, layovers are just that extra step in getting to your final destination. For others, it’s a break from being stuck up in the air for so long at one time. For many, short layovers means an impromptu workout through the airport, while long layovers mean time wasted. Flights with layovers tend to be cheaper than a direct flight but some will pay more just to avoid the dreaded hours-long layover in a strange city – and we don’t blame them! A long layover at the airport can be quite the drag but sometimes they are inevitable.

Here are some ways to spend your layover at the airport:

– Work out. While you don’t want to be a sweaty mess before your next plane ride (spare the person sitting next to you!), you can always do a few great stretches! If you’re not shy, whip out your yoga mat and stretch it out during your downtime. It’ll feel amazing after being up in the air and before your next flight out.

– Go sightseeing. If your layover is a few hours long, get out of the airport and check out some of the scenic sights that are close by. Plan it out ahead of time, but you might want to just focus on one attraction. Allow plenty of time to get to the airport on your way back and allocate for traffic and other issues.

– Rent a room. After a lengthy early morning or late night flight, all you’ll want is some shut-eye. Layovers can be a long wait lasting a number of hours and snoozing in public is not for everyone. If you have time to kill and are exhausted, try looking for a nearby hotel even for just a few hours to guarantee a comfortable, undisturbed sleep and they often including free shuttle service to and from the airport.

– People watch. Airports are the perfect hub to plant yourself down and check out the action of other people. People watching is great for those whose layovers aren’t too long and provide for some short-term entertainment.

– Chat with a stranger. Go to a busy spot full of people (like the bar or the nearest terminal) and start a conversation with a stranger. Worst case scenario: they’re boring and dull. Best case scenario: you’re both in the same terminal headed to the same destination and you have anecdotes and a guide to tell you where the best places are!

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