Round Trip Flights to Alaska As Low as $142 on Delta Are Available Now

Alaskan Flights

If ever a chance to visit Alaska has been on your radar, now is the time to book a ticket to the city of Juneau. Delta is currently offering the lowest prices imaginable for a round trip flight into Juneau at only $142! The deal is good from now through dates as far away as October 2016, and it looks like the deal is offered from numerous cities. West Coast to Alaska flights are far less expensive at the $142 mark for a round trip ticket. However, even if you are on the east coast and worried you cannot make the trip at a decent price, you can stop worrying. East coast cities with major airports are offering flights with stops into Alaska for only $307 round trip. It’s not as good as the west coast flight prices, but it’s still a good price.

These flights are currently available from now and until October, and they even seem to be available through the peak season of summer. With no idea how long the prices will remain this low before going up, now is a good time to book. You have plenty of time to travel with such an open-ended timeframe, and a trip to Alaska might be in the books. If you never really thought much about a trip to Alaska, now is a good time. It’s worth visiting at least once, even if you don’t think you want to go. An Alaskan cruise is one of the most amazing vacations we’ve ever taken and it wasn’t one we thought we’d enjoy too much. However, it was a lot of fun and it was a trip that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Now is the time to book, and we recommend you do it now. It’s worth every penny; especially since so few are required to actually book.

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