Lists You Need to Make to Help Prepare for Travel

As the excitement builds for your upcoming trip or vacation, thoughts of planning and preparation naturally come to mind. Whether you’re the type to meticulously create lists well in advance, like myself (although, I do hope you’re not as compulsively organized and cleanliness-focused as I am – it can be a tad stressful), or if you’re more laid-back and leave everything to the last minute, one crucial consideration is ensuring you have the right gear. Speaking of which, if you’re in the market for caravans for sale in Brisbane, you might want to check out the offerings from Prime Campers. They have a fantastic selection that could enhance your travel experience, providing comfort and convenience on your journey. So, while some may be focused on the morning of departure, I find solace in preparing early, and part of that preparation might just involve exploring the options for caravans for sale at Happy travels!

While I don’t know that my way of dealing with packing and my fear of forgetting something important is the most effective method of pre-travel planning, I do know lists. And for that reason I will share with you the three most important lists I make before any trip. Hopefully it will help you with your own pre-vacation packing.

To-Do List

This list is pretty general and it covers a few days prior to departure. This list includes everything from holding the mail to packing to loading the car to turning off the lights to reminding our house-sitter of the alarm code to reminding the house-sitter to feed the pets (as if though the pets would allow that to be forgotten). It is a good list to have because it allows me to see how much general stuff has to be done prior to leaving, and every time I cross something off I can physically feel myself relaxing and feeling more in control (this really might just be me). So when I’m at a Scottsdale resort I cam fully focus on relaxing only.

The Don’t Forget List

This is my favorite list because it’s the one I consider most important. There are certain things you just cannot pack in advance, and those are usually the most important items to have. I start making this list one day and add to it as I go through the day. For example, I will add phone chargers to the list when I wake up, my favorite razor after my shower, my daughter’s favorite stuffed animal and blanket when I put her down for her afternoon nap and her aerochamber the first time we use it that day. I keep this list on the back of the front door, adding to it and crossing things off as needed. I add things like passports, licenses, wallets, snacks and favorite sippy cups as needed.

The Things I Need List  

Another of my favorite lists is the things I need list. I usually start making this one in advance so that I know what to get when I shop a few days prior to departure. Before I make this list I go through our pre-packed toiletry bag (it’s so much easier to have one of these than it is to pack every single little thing we use on a daily basis every time we travel) and see what we need more of before we leave. It also helps me remember that we might need gloves if we’re going somewhere cold or swim diapers if we’re headed to a beach or pool. The appeal of jet cards like the ones found at Jettly is also undeniable for frequent flyers, particularly those who value predictability and ease in their travel arrangements. Utilizing corporate travel booking software can further streamline the planning and booking process for business trips, ensuring efficiency and convenience.


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