Three Tips to Help You Relax

It doesn’t matter what you do – unless you do absolutely nothing, in which case this does not apply to you in the least – you are pretty busy, and definitely need some time to relax. Unfortunately, when a busy woman is given time to relax, she becomes panicky and finds 10 different reasons why she cannot, in fact, just relax. Your husband takes both kids to the grocery store, giving you a solid hour of time in which to relax, and you suddenly remember that you need to unload the dishwasher and now is a great time to sort out the kids’ closets since they aren’t there to interrupt; and what about the floors? It’s a perfect time to mop because no one is home and you can get it done without any little footprints on the clean floor. For once in your life, ignore the mess and take an hour to yourself. Here are three simple ways you can enjoy your time to relax.

Stop Feeling Guilty

There’s no need to feel guilty about taking a little time to relax. The floors will still be messy when everyone is home and the dishes can be unloaded later. However, the house will only be quiet for an hour, so grab a book, take a nap or just lie down in the tub and relax. You need this time to recuperate and rejuvenate, and no one and nothing should make you feel badly about it. It’s your time, do what you want!

Wander Aimlessly

If the house is never quiet and you can’t find time to relax when you know there are things to be done, get out and go somewhere else. Drive somewhere you’ve never been and take a walk. Don’t go anywhere with purpose, just wander for an hour or so and get lost in your thoughts. With nothing available to distract you, you can really enjoy your time of relaxation.

Read a Book

There is no better way to relax than by getting lost in someone else’s world for a while. Lying down and staring out the window is nice, but you will likely be thinking of all the things you need to do, which defeats the purpose of relaxing. Instead, forget your own life and live in someone else’s for an hour.


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