Tips To Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is important to the health of our bodies, our frame of mind and our mood.  It affects everything and quickly shows if your sleep quality is poor or lacking.  If you are suffering from difficulty sleeping or staying asleep, try the following tips to help your body get the rest it needs.

The key to getting a good nights sleep is to start preparing for it early in the day.  Cut down on caffeine early in the day, around 3pm is a good benchmark.  As tempting as it is when you are not sleeping well, don’t take naps.  If you simply must nap, aim for a nap no longer than 30 minutes so the impact will be low on your sleep that night.

Begin allowing your body to unwind about an hour before bedtime.  Don’t watch or read any disturbing material.  Indulge in light reading ,tv viewing or a puzzle book.  Cut the computer and cell phone off so you won’t be feeling drawn back into work when you need to be resting.  Sometimes a warm bath can help you sleep better.

Make your bedroom a haven for sleep. This means no electronics beyond your alarm clock.  Pick sheets and bed-clothes out that are comfortable and inviting.  Keep your bedroom neat and tidy so it is a place that invites you in.

The temperature of your room matters. People sleep better when the temperature is a tad on the cool side. Aim for between 67 and 71 degrees. To always have a comfortable temperature in your bedroom, regular ac maintenance conducted by a local hvac repair technician is advised.

Relax.  You will only make it more difficult to fall asleep if you lay there worrying about sleep.  Tell yourself you are resting and your body knows how to do its job when it’s ready.

If you find these tips do not help you it might be time to put a call in to your physician for help.  There are many options they can take these days.





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