Instant Confidence Boosters

Feeling good about yourself is the easiest way to boost your confidence, whether it’s because you love your ensemble, your hair is perfect or you just scored a major deal with a big-time client. It doesn’t matter what you do that makes you feel good, your confidence level will grow (though we recommend you stick to feeling good within the legal limits). Experts have proven time and time again that your level of confidence can make you appear smarter, more attractive and more engaging, which is what these simple feel good tips will help you do anytime your confidence level needs a quick boost.

Be Spontaneous

Friday afternoon at 4:30 pm: book a weekend getaway or sign up for a cooking class. Do whatever you want to excite yourself, but do something. When you do something unexpected and spontaneous it drives your body and mind to feel excitement, which affects your level of confidence. Leave your comfort zone behind and do something unexpected.

Change Your Hair/Makeup Routine

You’ve heard that it’s the littlest things in life from which you derive the greatest pleasure, and that is the truth. Boost your confidence before a big presentation at work or before a first date by changing up your makeup routine. If you always wear smoky eyes, skip them and go with a softer, more romantic look. Trade in your nude lips for a vibrant red. Simple changes help you see yourself in a different light, which helps your confidence level grow.



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