Five Great Things You Know You Love About Mondays

None of us have any trouble disliking Mondays.  After all, the weekends over and it is back to the grind for working moms and stay-at-home moms alike.  But there are some very good things about Mondays that you can love.

The supermarket isn’t as crowded on Mondays as it is on some other days of the week.  Don’t you just hate to stop on the way home from work and have to fight the crowd to get what you need from the store?  Crowds are down on Mondays at the supermarket so you have a much easier time getting the things you need.  It might even be worth switching your shopping day to Mondays permanently.

If you are a stay-at-home mom, you have the house back to yourself.  Granted, it probably looks like a tornado swept through it by the time Monday morning comes but you get some peace and quiet. And if you are a working mom, you get a break from those little ones that you love so much.

There is something good on tv.  After watching reruns all weekend, the good shows start again on Mondays.  You can settle in for an evening of fun entertainment when you get home.

Leftovers are often still around from Sunday dinner to save you from cooking on Mondays.  It is awesome to come home and not have to hit the kitchen in a run to get supper on the table for your family.  If you don’t often have leftovers on Mondays, then maybe you need to start cooking big meals on Sundays so you do.

You are back in routine.  Although we all love weekends, there is something very comforting about having a routine to follow each week.

It turns out that Mondays aren’t so bad after all.

Image Credit: Gfrendz


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