Five Great Apps That Will Help You Save Money

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Saving even just a bit of money can go a long way – just think about how much that money-saving pile would grow ¬†every time you skipped a Starbucks coffee, a luxury manicure and pedicure and other luxuries we don’t necessarily need. With plastic being thrown around left and right, it’s a wonder that so many of us have a hard time saving money on a daily basis!

Here are five great apps that will help you save money:

– Mint

Everyone should have a Mint – it’s the all-in-one app that keeps track of all of your finances from all of your accounts, including banking, savings, retirement, etc. The app makes a note of all your spending habits and creates a budget from that. It’s free, secure, and is a great way to keep tabs on all of your financial accounts.

– Shopkick

For all the shopaholics out there, this one is for you! There you can browse products and see the deals for the day. Users can also earn points by just walking into stores, inviting friends and making a purchase. The points can be traded in for gift cards at specific partner stores, like Target and Starbucks.


Ever find it tough to always pay your bills on time? Enter: BillTracker, where you’ll never miss a bill payment. Talk about saving on fees galore!

– Groupon

This app has some of the greatest nearby deals, from restaurants, hotels and retailers. There is no shortage of a great deal here!

– GasBuddy

With the prices of gas skyrocketing up high, it’s no wonder many of us are broke! Luckily, the genius app GasBuddy gives us the cheapest gas prices closest to us, saving us some hard earned cash and giving us our fill at the pump.

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