How to Prepare for your Kohl’s Black Friday

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Because of its great deals that they offer on a daily basis, Kohl’s is already one of our favorite places to shop. From their clearance racks to their Kohl’s Cash, there’s never a shortage of ways to save. Another major way to save at the retailer is to partake in its Black Friday deals. Many people are active Black Friday shoppers – even if you aren’t a big Black Friday participant or if it’s your first time, it’s definitely a great way to score many deals on merchandise and items.

Here are some strategies and tips to help prepare you for Kohl’s on Black Friday:

Look at the ads beforehand. The typical Kohl’s Black Friday ad usually weighs in at over 60 pages – yes, you read that right. It’s over 60 pages of savings and deals that you sometimes just can’t pass up! Whether you are just going to Kohl’s or if you will be hitting several stores on Black Friday, it’s important to get familiar and maybe even write down the items you are thinking of purchasing that you saw in the ads.

Evaluate the deals. Not all of the items advertised are going to be the best or ever great deals. In fact, some things will be available the weekend before Thanksgiving, on Cyber Monday or even mid-December. Keep that in mind when you are looking around at the deals at Kohl’s as well as any other retailer out there.

Take advantage of Kohl’s Cash. One of the great things about Kohl’s is their Kohl’s Cash. Basically, for each $50 that you spend, you get $10 worth of Kohl’s cash that you can use on your purchases on a specific date range. They don’t always offer Kohl’s cash

Be an early bird. While it says “Black Friday,” many retailers are opening their doors to shoppers as early as Thanksgiving day. Kohl’s has opened at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving previously and will most likely follow its previous years.

(Photo by Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images for Kohl’s)


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