Is a Burberry Outlet Worth the Trip? We think it is and Here’s Why


Paying a visit to outlet stores can be a great thing, especially when you’re looking to buy designer brands and items. For the most part, these outlet stores have better deals than those in your run of the mill malls or even online. With the holiday season coming up in the near future, as well as Black Friday 2014, there’s a big probability that you will be visiting an outlet store soon. If that’s the case, you should definitely look into going to a Burberry outlet store, especially if you’re a fan of the designer or even just to get a great deal – it really is worth it!

Here are reasons why you should be going to Burberry outlets:

It is significantly cheaper than visiting the retail store. 

Like many outlets, they have great deals on merchandise – mostly because they are from a season or two before.

No matter what you get there, they will still be high end items.

Despite the lower prices, it doesn’t mean that it is lower quality items. Purses and bags that were once, say $2000 items could go down to $200-300 – that’s after a sale and the outlet price. Not too shabby, right?!

They don’t really offer too many sales in their retail stores. 

Because Burberry is a luxury designer store, they wouldn’t want to crowd their showrooms with sales – as most high-end retailers often do. Instead, their seasonal items are sent and go off to the outlets, which is why you will only see items from the previous year or so in the outlets.

They don’t ship. 

While it may be tempting to avoid making a trek to their outlet store and just purchasing over the phone or online, that’s actually not possible with Burberry outlets, as they don’t ship. It’s a great reason why you should pay a visit in-person!

Whatever you purchase there will always be in style, no matter the season. 

Even though most of the items in the outlet store are things from a season or two ago, it doesn’t really matter. Take a look around and you’ll find that most of the stock that Burberry has is more of a “classic” look and will always be in style no matter what the season.

(Photo by Kevin Lee/Getty Images)


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